The Hatteras GT70: Modern Luxury Meets Expert Fishing

The Hatteras GT70 is a standout fishing yacht for those who yearn for excellence in both deep-sea fishing and onboard luxury. It’s where the thrill of the chase meets comfort and style—a perfect match for anglers who take their sport seriously but won’t compromise on comfort. Power Meets Precision The GT70’s design for performance is […]

The Hatteras GT70: Where Modern Yachting Meets Elite Sportfishing

Built for Performance As soon as you set eyes on the Hatteras GT70, you know it’s built for serious business. The yacht’s commanding structure is highlighted by its length of over 70 feet, providing enough heft to take on challenging sea conditions with poise. It’s no slouch in the power department either, equipped with twin […]

Fishing in the Future: The Hatteras GT70’s Luxurious Design

Built for Rough Seas and Serious Fishing The Hatteras GT70 is engineered for durability and performance, crafted to excel even when conditions are less than ideal. The vessel’s unique variable deadrise bottom and sharp entry point equate to a remarkable ride in both calm and challenging waters. The yacht’s structure and design are geared towards […]

The Hatteras GT70: A New Standard of Luxury in Sportfishing

The Hatteras GT70 is the realization of a vision where luxurious living and top-notch sportfishing come together perfectly. This yacht is more than just a vessel; it’s a floating masterpiece that takes sportfishing to the level of fine art. With every design detail and feature, it has been carefully curated to please even the most […]

Experience Fishing in Style: The Luxurious Hatteras GT70

A Tough Competitor with Class The Hatteras GT70 is tailored for anglers who don’t compromise on performance or comfort. Built to master rough waters, it stands out with a variable deadrise bottom and sharp entry, slicing through the water with expert precision. The power comes from the twin CAT C-32A diesels, which ensure reliability when […]

Luxurious Angling Adventures on the Hatteras GT70

Built for the Angler Who Wants It All The Hatteras GT70 is engineered to dominate in any fishing tournament, delivering a combination of power and finesse. Built on a foundation designed to handle encounters with the deep blue, the GT70 uses its sharp bow entry to glide through waves with ease. Commanding twin CAT C-32A […]

The Hatteras GT70: A Testament to Luxury in Sportfishing

Built to Perform Under Pressure Anglers seeking a yacht that merges high performance with advanced engineering need look no further than the Hatteras GT70. This vessel is powerfully endowed with CAT C-32A diesel engines, which are the standard configuration, reliably propelling the yacht to impressive speeds. The agility provided by these engines, complemented with a […]

The Hatteras GT70: Redefining Luxury Sportfishing Yachts

Built for Serious Fishing and Serious Comfort Sportfishing enthusiasts who demand performance and comfort find their match in the Hatteras GT70. It’s powered by twin CAT C-32A diesel engines, each with a mighty 1,800 horsepower, ready to pursue the most elusive catches. For those who demand even more, there are MTU engine options that provide […]

Modern Luxury on the Water: The Sportfishing Innovator Hatteras GT70

Built for the Waves: Hatteras GT70’s Tough Engineering The GT70 by Hatteras is an impressive display of craftsmanship and engineering, meticulously designed to handle the toughest of sea conditions with ease. Its sleek, variable deadrise bottom and sharp entry mean it can cut through the waves like a knife, offering a smooth and stable experience. […]

The Hatteras GT70: The Intersection of Luxury and Sportfishing Mastery

Built Tough for Competitive Fishing Anglers looking for a sportfishing boat that delivers on toughness and agility will find the GT70 in a class of its own. Its well-engineered hull with a variable deadrise bottom easily slices through rough seas, and the sharp entry cuts through the water, providing a stable, smooth ride. The GT70 […]