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2013 Columbus Yachts 40S HYBRID

2013 Columbus Yachts 40S HYBRID

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Introducing a remarkable opportunity for those with an appreciation for cutting-edge technology and luxury, the 2013 Columbus Yachts 40S HYBRID, currently located in Miami, FL. This 131 ft (40 meters) yacht stands out with its innovative hybrid propulsion system, designed for advanced fuel efficiency and a reduced environmental footprint, making it a pioneer with RINA’s “Hybrid Propulsion” and “Green Star Plus Platinum” notations. The yacht is powered by two MTU 12V 2000 engines, each generating 1920 hp, allowing for a top speed of 18 knots and a cruising speed of 13 knots. What sets this yacht apart is its exceptional fuel consumption rate of 40 gal/hr at cruising speed, offering a range of 2500 nautical miles that extends to 5,000nm at an economical speed. Accommodation is generously provided for up to 11 guests in 5 luxurious cabins, including a full-beam master suite with its own office space, ensuring comfort and privacy for all onboard.

Beyond its technical prowess, the Columbus 40S HYBRID boasts an array of award-winning features and amenities that promise an unparalleled onboard experience. From its eco-friendly Eco Mode for zero-emission cruising to its lavish interior adorned with Italian leather upholstery and meticulously crafted woodwork, every detail has been carefully considered to deliver luxury and efficiency. The yacht is equipped with cutting-edge navigation tools, including Xenta joysticks and the I-Bridge system, ensuring smooth sailing across the seas. The exterior offers a skylounge, sundeck, twin side balconies, a beach club with a generous swim platform, and an intimate bow area with a jacuzzi and sunbeds, designed for worldwide exploration with optimal range and seaworthiness. Maintained by a professional, full-time skilled crew, this yacht remains in top condition, ready to offer its next owner a unique blend of performance, luxury, and environmental consciousness.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: 8,999,999.00 USD
  • Length: 131 ft
  • Year: 2013
  • Make: Columbus Yachts
  • Model: 40S HYBRID

Technical Specifications:

  • Beam: 26.8 ft
  • Draft: 5.6 ft
  • Fuel Capacity: 11782|gallon
  • Water Capacity: 1500|gallon
  • Cruising Speed: 13.03 kn
  • Maximum Speed: 18.25 kn

Engine Details:

  • Make: MTU – Model: V2000 – Power: 1920|horsepower
  • Make: MTU – Model: V2000 – Power: 1920|horsepower


Miami, FL, US

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What makes the Columbus 40S HYBRID a standout choice for eco-conscious yacht buyers?

The Columbus 40S HYBRID distinguishes itself through its revolutionary hybrid propulsion system, designed for advanced fuel efficiency and a reduced environmental footprint. It’s the first 40m Sport Hybrid yacht to receive RINA’s “Hybrid Propulsion” and “Green Star Plus Platinum” notations. This innovative approach to yacht engineering emphasizes eco-friendliness with features like Eco Mode for zero-emission cruising, showcasing a strong commitment to sustainability without compromising on luxury or performance.

How does the hybrid propulsion system on the Columbus 40S HYBRID enhance the cruising experience?

The hybrid propulsion system of the Columbus 40S HYBRID enhances the cruising experience by providing quieter, more efficient operations with reduced vibrations, ensuring utmost comfort for guests. It allows for exceptional fuel consumption at only 40 gal/hr at a cruising speed of 13 knots, and extends the yacht’s range up to 5,000 nautical miles at an economical speed. This system not only supports long-distance travel with less environmental impact but also offers a smoother, more enjoyable journey.

What luxuries can guests expect on board the Columbus 40S HYBRID?

Guests aboard the Columbus 40S HYBRID can expect unparalleled luxury and comfort. The yacht accommodates up to 11 guests in 5 lavish cabins, including a full-beam master suite with its own office space. Award-winning interior designs create an exclusive atmosphere with Italian leather upholstery, meticulously crafted woodwork, and customized lighting features. Highlights also include advanced entertainment systems, a generous deck space with BBQ area and al fresco dining, a skylounge, sundeck, twin side balconies, a beach club with a generous swim platform, and an intimate bow area with jacuzzi and sunbeds. These amenities ensure a luxurious and comfortable stay, whether for intimate gatherings or lavish entertainment.

What awards has the Columbus 40S HYBRID won, emphasizing its standing in the yachting community?

The Columbus 40S HYBRID has been lauded in the yachting community, receiving several prestigious awards that underscore its excellence in design, sustainability, and innovation. Notably, it won ShowBoats Design Awards in 2014 for Interior Design, Environmental Protection, and Holistic Design. Additionally, it secured the UIM Environmental Award in 2013, recognitions that highlight its commitment to environmental stewardship while maintaining luxury and high performance. These accolades affirm its status as a leading choice for discerning yacht buyers.

Why is the Columbus 40S HYBRID an excellent investment for buyers seeking a combination of luxury and ecological responsibility?

The Columbus 40S HYBRID represents an excellent investment for those looking to combine the pinnacle of luxury with ecological responsibility. Its cutting-edge hybrid propulsion system offers a more sustainable cruising option without sacrificing performance, allowing for significant fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. Alongside its environmental credentials, the yacht boasts luxurious accommodations, award-winning design, and advanced amenities for unparalleled comfort and leisure. With its maintained condition by a professional crew and its location in Miami, FL, for immediate sale, this yacht presents a unique opportunity for acquisition by buyers prioritizing eco-friendliness alongside opulence and seafaring capabilities.

Provided Description:

IntroductionM/Y Leudin I represents the next generation of superyachts, setting new standards for luxury and technology. This 40-meter (131ft) masterpiece, designed by Hydro Tec and Hot Lab, was built by the acclaimed Columbus shipyard of the Palumbo Group in Italy. With its revolutionary hybrid propulsion system, cutting-edge design, and an impressive array of awards, Leudin I is the epitome of maritime innovation.HighlightsHybrid Propulsion System: Leudin I is the first 40m Sport Hybrid yacht to earn RINA’s “Hybrid Propulsion” and “Green Star Plus Platinum” notations, signifying advanced fuel efficiency and a reduced environmental footprint.Interior Excellence: The yacht boasts an interior volume of 398 gross tons, with 5 luxurious cabins, including a full-beam master suite complete with its own office space.Deck Amenities: Exceptional outdoor features include a cozy skylounge, sundeck, twin side balconies, beach club with a generous swim platform, and an intimate bow area with a spacious jacuzzi and sunbeds.Technical SpecificationsEngines: Two MTU 12V 2000 engines, each generating 1920 hp, combined with two generators producing around 200 kW.Performance: Top speed of 18 knots, cruising at 13 knots, with a range of 2500 nautical miles at cruise speed and 5,000nm at economical speed.Fuel Efficiency: Exceptional fuel consumption as low as 40 gal/hr at 13 knots.Interior, Exterior & Lifestyle FeaturesMaterials: Italian leather upholstery, meticulously crafted woodwork, and customized lighting features.Luxurious Staterooms: Accommodation for up to 11 guests in ultimate comfort.Gourmet Galley: Fully-equipped for the preparation of elaborate meals.Outdoor BBQ Area: Designed for al fresco dining experiences.Advanced Entertainment: Comprehensive in-built entertainment systems, including a home theater.Sunbathing & Relaxation: Spacious sunbathing areas, complete with a large jacuzzi, and a full-service outdoor dining area.Outdoor Recreation: Generous deck space and unique options like window fittings and side balconies that can transform into a terrace overlooking the sea.Navigation & SafetyAdvanced Navigation: Equipped with cutting-edge navigation tools, including Xenta joysticks, I-Bridge system from Team Italia and Zero Speed stabilizers. The yacht’s twin chine hull and specialized tunnels for propellers ensure stability and trim in various sea conditions.Eco Mode: Zero-emission mode for environmentally conscious cruising.Worldwide Exploration: Designed for global travel, with a range and seaworthiness suitable for exploring diverse destinations.Professional Crew: Maintained by a full-time skilled crew, ensuring the yacht’s great condition.Awards & Recognition Winner of three ShowBoats Design Awards in 2014: Interior Design, Environmental Protection, and Holistic Design. UIM Environmental Award 2013 by the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM). First 40m Sport Hybrid to receive the “Hybrid Propulsion” Class notation from RINAAdditional InformationA comprehensive technical dossier, detailed service records, and an extended gallery are available upon request.Viewing & PurchaseM/Y Leudin I is currently available for immediate sale and all inquiries are welcome. M/Y “Leudin I” offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a vessel that stands at the zenith of sustainable luxury and technological innovation.We look forward to facilitating an exceptional yachting experience with M/Y “Leudin I”

Fly Yachts is pleased to assist you in the purchase of this vessel. This boat is centrally listed by OneWater Yacht Group – Miami.

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