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2014 Cabo 44 Hardtop Express

2014 Cabo 44 Hardtop Express

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Introducing the 2014 Cabo 44 Hardtop Express, a meticulously maintained yacht that combines robust performance with superior fishing capabilities, now located in Fort Lauderdale, FL. This vessel, priced at $1,049,000 USD, stands out in the market not only for its competitive pricing, which is $500,000 below the replacement cost for similar size vessels, but also for its exceptional condition both cosmetically and mechanically. Spanning 47.58 feet in length, the yacht boasts a Michael Peters designed hull known for its superior performance on the water, making it an ideal choice for serious offshore anglers. The integrated hardtop design enhances visibility and protection, while the innovative cockpit layout includes all essentials for an exceptional fishing experience, such as a bait tank, tackle center, and ample rod storage. Additionally, the yacht features two staterooms and cockpit engine access, ensuring comfort and convenience for all on board.

The Cabo 44 Hardtop Express is powered by twin Cat C-18 engines, each offering 1115 hp, ensuring reliable and powerful navigation. Noteworthy upgrades from 2017 include a FLIR Night Vision Camera, a state-of-the-art JL Audio Sound System, new Garmin Radar, and new Trim Tabs, enhancing both safety and entertainment on board. The yacht is also equipped with an 11.5 kW freshwater-cooled diesel generator, advanced electronic controls with trolling valves, and a heavy-duty windlass, making every journey seamless. The state-of-the-art navigation and helm console, along with an advanced electrical system and extensive safety equipment, underscore the yacht’s commitment to both performance and safety. With its high-quality construction materials and large fuel tanks, the 2014 Cabo 44 Hardtop Express is a testament to durable and thoughtful yacht design, ready to deliver unforgettable experiences on the water.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: 1,049,000.00 USD
  • Length: 47.58 ft
  • Year: 2014
  • Make: Cabo
  • Model: 44 Hardtop Express

Technical Specifications:

  • Beam: 16.5 ft
  • Draft: 3.58 ft
  • Fuel Capacity: 800|gallon
  • Water Capacity: 100|gallon
  • Cruising Speed: N/A
  • Maximum Speed: N/A

Engine Details:

  • Make: Caterpillar – Model: C-18 – Power: 1115|horsepower
  • Make: Caterpillar – Model: C-18 – Power: 1115|horsepower


Fort Lauderdale, FL, US

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1. What makes the Cabo 44 Hardtop Express a top choice for serious offshore anglers?

The Cabo 44 Hardtop Express stands out as a premier choice for serious offshore anglers due to its Michael Peters designed hull that guarantees superior performance. Further enhancing its appeal are exceptional fishability features that include an innovative cockpit layout with every angling necessity such as a bait tank, tackle center, rod storage, mezzanine seating, and large capacity insulated fishboxes with in-line macerators. This yacht is designed to meet the rigorous demands of deep-sea fishing while offering comfort and ease in operations, making it the ultimate choice for enthusiasts.

2. Can you explain the significance of the upgrades made in 2017 to the Cabo 44 Hardtop Express?

In 2017, the Cabo 44 Hardtop Express received several significant upgrades aimed at enhancing its functionality and comfort. The addition of a FLIR Night Vision Camera improves night time navigation, ensuring safety during nocturnal voyages. A new JL Audio Sound System has been installed to provide unparalleled audio quality, enhancing the onboard entertainment experience. Upgrades to the New Garmin Radar ensure state-of-the-art navigation capabilities. Lastly, the installation of New Trim Tabs improves the vessel’s stability and efficiency in various sea conditions. These upgrades signify a commitment to maintaining the yacht at peak operational readiness and comfort for its users.

3. How does the design of the Cabo 44 Hardtop Express contribute to its outstanding performance and comfort?

The Cabo 44 Hardtop Express features a design expertly crafted for both outstanding performance and comfort. The yacht boasts a Michael Peters designed hull, known for its superior sea-keeping ability and efficiency, enabling it to tackle rough waters with ease while maintaining good speed. The integrated hardtop design improves visibility and provides protection from the elements, enhancing the comfort of everyone aboard. Additionally, the two-stroom model with cockpit engine access and an engine room accessible from the cockpit makes maintenance easy, ensuring the yacht operates smoothly. These design elements collectively contribute to the vessel’s top-notch performance and the comfort of its occupants during long offshore excursions.

4. What are the key maintenance features of the Cabo 44 Hardtop Express that ensure its near-perfect condition both cosmetically and mechanically?

Key maintenance features of the Cabo 44 Hardtop Express include easy cockpit engine access and an engine room that’s also accessible from the cockpit, facilitating straightforward maintenance and inspections. The yacht is powered by Cat C-18 engines, known for their reliability and power, and has been kept in near-perfect condition both cosmetically and mechanically due to diligent upkeep and regular maintenance. Additionally, it’s equipped with a 11.5 kW freshwater-cooled diesel generator, which ensures all onboard systems run smoothly. These maintenance features, combined with high-quality construction materials, have helped preserve the yacht’s excellent condition over the years.

5. Why is the Cabo 44 Hardtop Express priced $500k below the replacement cost of similar size vessels?

The Cabo 44 Hardtop Express is priced at $1,049,000 USD, which is $500k below the replacement cost of similar size vessels primarily due to its model year. Despite being a 2014 model, this yacht has been maintained in near-perfect condition both cosmetically and mechanically, making it an exceptional value for buyers. This pricing strategy reflects a desire to offer potential buyers an outstanding opportunity to own a high-performance, luxury offshore fishing yacht at a more accessible price point. Such an offer not only enhances the vessel’s appeal but also provides a smart investment opportunity considering its condition, upgrades, and the pedigree of design and construction.

Provided Description:

This is the 2nd to last 44 Cabo built and is near perfect both cosmetically & mechanically. She is a two-stateroom model with engine access from the cockpit. Her Cat C-18’s (1115 hp. each)  Offered at $500k below replacement of 45 Hatteras, is a rare and desirable offering for a manageable – owner operator vessel.  Upgrades 2017 FLIR Night Vision Camera, Forward Facing JL Audio Sound System New Garmin Radar New Trim Tabs

Manufacturer Provided DescriptionThe 44 Hardtop Express launched the next step in sportfisher design evolution for CABO Yachts, with the integration of a new hardtop – taking what was already a leader in fishability to another level. This exciting express is designed to be the most fishable CABO ever. Its innovative design and interior accommodations continue to meet the demands of its core market – serious offshore anglers. Performance Like many of the latest CABOs to be introduced in the past few years, the foundation of the 44 Hardtop Express is its Michael Peters designed hull. From there, the propulsion design, electrical systems and attention to detail in every screw and hinge is executed in the same manner that built CABO’s reputation for creating a rugged and efficient boat. Fishability Careful planning and forethought go into the placement of every element in the cockpit – especially essentials such as the bait tank, tackle center and rod storage. Mezzanine seating provides a comfortable perch while watching the spread. Insulated fishboxes are molded into the sole and equipped with in-line macerators. Full-length piano hinges and rubber gaskets allow for a tight seal, to keep your catch fresher longer. Lures and rigging equipment are neatly organized, in a custom-designed tackle center at the rigging station. A number of additional options are also available. Design & Construction The integrated hard top created an impressive new design unlike any CABO before it – utilizing its three-sided enclosure to offer better protection from the elements, improved visibility, and greater comfort on the helm deck. Below deck, the interior offers a comfortable living space equal in size to the 45 Express that it replaced, and larger than competitor’s models in its range. Accommodations While a 2-stateroom layout is standard on the 44 Hardtop Express, it can also be configured with a single stateroom and angler’s room, or a 3-stateroom arrangement for those with larger crews. The standard second stateroom offers the comfort of private twin berths away from the master, while the optional anglers room layout features a display cabinet, custom rod racks, ample work surface, additional interior storage, and an open floor plan. The full-length, aft-facing galley counter allows easy access to appliances, while creating more floor space in the living/dining area. The master stateroom and shared head are forward of the main living area and offer the comfort and amenities in keeping with CABO’s next generation of sportfishers. Hull Boot striping – choice of colors Bottom paint, complete preparation – 2 coats epoxy, 2 coats anti-fouling paint, black, standard Molded fiberglass construction with superior ISO/NPG exterior gelcoat finish and premium resins; biaxial stitched fabric reinforcement; solid fiberglass bottom construction; core construction from chine to sheer (vacuumbagged) Stainless steel rub strip on face of white high-density PVC rub rail Trim tabs, fully recessed Deck Anchor roller assembly, recessed, custom stainless steel Forward mooring cleats (2), stainless steel Spring line cleats (4), stainless steel Stern cleats (2), stainless steel Custom bow rails, aluminum Bow pulpit, integral molded fiberglass Stern hawse pipes, stainless steel Deck surface, molded-in, non-skid Molded fiberglass using polyester resin, biaxial stitched fabric reinforcement and core construction Premium quality molded-in white gelcoat exterior finish Windlass, heavy-duty, DC electric, remote at helm and deck switches Windshield washers (3), freshwater-supplied Windshield wipers (3), self-parking with pantograph arms, intermittent and separate controls Cockpit Aluminum reinforcing plate installed for mounting fighting chair Bait and tackle center with storage, gas spring, full-length stainless steel piano hinge and custom latch Bait tank, 56 gallons, molded into transom with large overboard drain and LED lighting Courtesy lighting under gunwales Mezzanine with integrated storage Fish boxes (2), large capacity, insulated, macerator pump-out system Hose and pistol-grip nozzle Gunwale padding, high-density foam, white vinyl covered Icebox, fitted with gasketed lid, gas spring actuator, full-length stainless steel piano hinge and custom latch Hatches, lazarette and fish boxes, heavy-duty, gasketed, drains, gutters, full-length stainless steel piano hinge and custom latch Rod holders (4) Scuppers, self-bailing Transom door with top gate, extreme duty, polished stainless steel hardware Washdown, freshwater Washdown, saltwater Insulated drink storage box Door to engine room with ladder from cockpit Helm Deck Companion seats (2), mounted on port and starboard cabinets Companionway door, sliding, opaque with white acrylic Helm console, integrally molded Helm seat, adjustable, with vinyl-covered high-density foam cushions, pedestal-mounted L-shape lounge, with lockable storage beneath Tackle center with drawers for gear storage and organization Helm Console Console cover, canvas Compass, with light, flush-mounted Helm wheel, stainless steel Fire and bilge high water level alarms, audible Engine instrument panel, custom, with audible warning system and hour meters Palm Beach pod, mounted, single lever electronic controls Switch panels, custom, stainless steel Integrated Hardtop Tri-color LED lighting Ventilation hatch Recessed electric teaser real mount Rod storage locker LED spreader light Vented windows, port and starboard Mechanical Bilge, white gelcoat finish Bilge pumps (5), three automatic/manual, two automatic Double constant torque stainless steel clamps on engine exhaust hoses Double hose clamps on all hose fittings, stainless steel Electronic controls with trolling valves, engine synchronizer and back up controls Electric fuel priming pumps Emergency bilge pump diverter valve on one main engine Engine alarm system Engine room liner, white gelcoat finished Engine room blowers (2), DC Engine room ventilation fan, AC Fire extinguishing system, manual/automatic Freshwater cooling, on main engines Freshwater pump, DC Fuel filters with water separators on main engines and generator, large capacity Fuel lines, metal braided, fire-retardant Fuel tanks, fiberglass, constructed with fire-retardant resin and coated with fire-retardant paint High water bilge alarms (3) Holding tank, 43-gallon, with monitor, macerator and dockside discharge Mufflers, fiberglass with backwash surge tube Propeller shafts, double taper, couplers, high-strength stainless steel Propellers, 4-blade Nibral Power steering Rudders, bronze, high-strength, with high load bearings (low friction, precise control) Sea cocks, UL approved for marine application bronze, fitted on all thru-hulls below waterline Stuffing boxes, drip-less lip seal type Water heater, 11-gallon, AC, stainless steel Water intake scoops, bronze, high-speed, with integral seawater strainers Electrical 11.5 – kW freshwater-cooled diesel generator with seawater strainer, remote start and digital panel, water lift muffler, safety shutdown system, sound enclosure (400 hours June 2017) 50’ shore power cord with retractable Glendinning Cable Master, 120/240V, 50-amp Battery charger, automatic with thermal cut out Battery on/off switches, vapor-proof Battery paralleling, automatic, with manual switch at helm Bonding system with transom zinc plate Circuit breaker protection throughout Distribution panel,  AC/DC, with line voltage, load meter, and reverse polarity light Horn, dual air trumpet Lights, engine room, AC and DC Lights, interior, DC LED Lights, navigation, international Receptacles, GFI protected, throughout Batteries, heavy duty Air conditioning / heating , AC, 18,000 BTU Galley Cooktop, ceramic, two-burner, recessed with solid-surface cover Solid-surface countertop with sea rails Latches, positive, cabinet doors and drawers Microwave/convection oven Refrigerator/freezer, with pullout drawers Sink, stainless steel Storage compartments and drawers throughout Undercabinet lighting, LED Garbage disposal Main Cabin Access hatch to below deck equipment Carpet, removable, deep-pile Foredeck hatch, with retractable shade Fabrics and coverings, fine selection throughout Interior wood, teak, satin finish Latches, positive, cabinet doors and drawers Lounge, convertible to double sleeper TV, LED, flat screen AM/FM/CD/DVD with 5.1 surround sound speakers Skylight (2) Forward Stateroom Berth, double, island-style, 5” mattress, bunkcover Foredeck hatch, with retractable shade Latches, positive, cabinet doors and drawers Lockers, hanging, cedar-lined, port and starboard Storage, compartments and drawers below berth Storage, rod lockers (2), with horizontal rod racks TV, LED, flat screen Stereo AM/FM/CD/DVD with speakers (2) Guest Stateroom Wall-mounted mirror Lighting, reading, DC Berths (2), single with folding top berth for additional space Locker, hanging, cedar-lined Rod storage under lower berth Blanket locker Skylight Carpeting Head Solid-surface countertop with undermount sink Vanity with storage Toiletry storage cabinet, framed with mirror doors Head, Sealand Vacuflush, electric Latches, positive, cabinet doors and drawers Shower stall, automatic shower sump pump Exhaust blower Foredeck hatch, with retractable shade Holding tank monitoring system Linen locker Towel rack Safety Equipment Anchor, 25’ chain, 250’ rode, life jackets, throwable P.F.D., fire extinguisher, docklines, fenders, distress signaling device, flashlight, emergency horn, first aid kit and bell

Fly Yachts is pleased to assist you in the purchase of this vessel. This boat is centrally listed by Denison Yachting – Miami.

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