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2017 Prestige 500 S

2017 Prestige 500 S

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Introducing a meticulously maintained 2017 Prestige 500 S, a remarkable vessel that combines luxury, performance, and practicality in a 50-foot package. Located in Washington, DC, and primarily navigated through the fresh waters of the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River, this yacht presents an exceptional opportunity for those seeking a high-quality, ready-to-enjoy boating experience. With a modest 350 engine hours, the yacht is powered by twin Volvo Penta IPS 600s, known for their efficient operation, including docking and high-speed modes. The recent servicing of its IPS drives, reconditioned propellers, and the inclusion of a diesel heater highlight the yacht’s impeccable maintenance, ensuring it’s prepared for all seasons without the need for winterization.

The Prestige 500 S boasts an intelligent layout with three staterooms, two heads, an aft galley, and a spacious salon, making it ideal for entertaining and comfortable living aboard. Unique to yachts of its size, it features a private entrance to the master cabin, enhancing privacy and exclusivity. Luxury and convenience are evident throughout, from the teak decks, upgraded tropical air conditioning system, and electric blinds in the salon to the Bose Audio system in both the master cabin and salon. For those who value ease of maneuverability, the inclusion of a bow thruster and a tender garage with a hydraulic platform will be particularly appealing. Additional amenities such as a washer/dryer combo, upgraded underwater lights, and exterior AC outlets, along with a spare propeller set, ensure this yacht is as functional as it is beautiful, priced at $699,000.00 USD.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: 699,000.00 USD
  • Length: 50 ft
  • Year: 2017
  • Make: Prestige
  • Model: 500 S

Technical Specifications:

  • Beam: 14.75 ft
  • Draft: 3.33 ft
  • Fuel Capacity: 172|gallon
  • Water Capacity: 84|gallon
  • Cruising Speed: N/A
  • Maximum Speed: N/A

Engine Details:

  • Make: Volvo Penta – Model: IPS 600 – Power: 435|horsepower
  • Make: Volvo Penta – Model: IPS600 – Power: 435|horsepower


Washington, DC, US

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What Should I Consider When Buying a Prestige 500 S Yacht?

When looking into purchasing a Prestige 500 S, especially a 2017 model, focus on several critical aspects to ensure you’re making a well-informed decision. Important factors include the yacht’s history of being primarily kept in fresh waters, which often results in less wear compared to saltwater usage. Low engine hours, in this case, 350, indicate minimal use, which can be a sign of good condition. Service history, such as recently serviced and resealed IPS drives, along with reconditioned propellers, is crucial for long-term maintenance and reliability. Additionally, unique features like a private entrance to the master cabin, a three-stateroom layout, and luxury upgrades such as teak decks and a Bose Audio system should also sway your decision due to the added comfort and value they provide.

How Does the Volvo Penta IPS 600s Engine Benefit the Prestige 500 S?

The Volvo Penta IPS 600s engine system enhances the Prestige 500 S yacht by offering a combination of high performance, improved fuel efficiency, and easier handling. With docking and high-speed modes, this engine setup allows for precise maneuverability in marinas and robust thrust on open water. Its design aligns with the yacht’s layout to ensure a smoother ride, reduced fuel consumption, and lower emissions. This engine choice underscores the yacht’s blend of luxury and performance, making it an excellent option for those prioritizing reliability and operational ease.

What Luxury Features Come with the 2017 Prestige 500 S?

The 2017 Prestige 500 S is outfitted with a range of luxury features that set it apart from other yachts in its class. Key highlights include a private entrance to the master cabin—typically found on larger yachts—and a functional three stateroom layout with a convenient aft galley that opens up the living space. For entertainment and comfort, the yacht is equipped with a high-end Bose Audio system in both the master cabin and salon. Additionally, electric blinds provide privacy at the touch of a button, and the inclusion of a washer/dryer combo adds to the convenience. For outdoor enjoyment, it features a tender garage with a hydraulic platform, teak decks for durability and aesthetic appeal, and upgraded underwater lights for a stunning night-time ambiance. These features are complemented by upgraded tropical air conditioning to ensure comfort in warmer climates.

How Does the Upkeep of This Yacht Differ With It Being Kept in Fresh Water?

Keeping the Prestige 500 S primarily in fresh waters, like the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River, impacts its upkeep positively in several ways. Fresh water is less corrosive compared to salt water, reducing the wear on the yacht’s exterior surfaces, propulsion systems, and other metal components. This can lead to fewer issues related to corrosion, potentially lowering maintenance costs and extending the lifespan of various parts such as the propellers and IPS drives. However, regular maintenance, such as servicing the IPS drives and ensuring the hull and decks are clean and well-maintained, remains essential to uphold the yacht’s condition and value.

What Maintenance and Upgrade History Should I Be Aware of For a 2017 Prestige 500 S?

When evaluating a 2017 Prestige 500 S, particularly one with the described specifications, noting its maintenance and upgrade history is crucial for understanding its value and ensuring its longevity. Key points include the low engine hours (350), indicating less wear and potentially longer engine life. The recent servicing and resealing of the IPS drives, along with reconditioned propellers, speak to the yacht’s well-maintained status, ensuring reliability. Noteworthy upgrades like the tropical air conditioning system (69,000 BTU), upgraded underwater lights, and additional exterior AC outlets highlight the owner’s commitment to enhancing the yacht’s functionality and comfort. The inclusion of a spare propeller set and the resealing and servicing of IPS shafts and units in 2024 are indicative of proactive maintenance, aiming to prevent future issues and ensure smooth operation.

Provided Description:

Always kept in the primarily fresh waters of the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River, this Prestige 500s has low hours (350), countless lighting upgrades, and features a diesel heater which eliminates the need for any winterization. Recently serviced and resealed IPS drives as well as reconditioned propellers make this boat ready for immediate delivery to its next owner. Prestige is known for maximizing space and creating functional, yet stylish layouts. Perhaps the 500s is their best example of that philosophy. In addition to a three stateroom / two head layout, aft galley, and large salon, the boat also boats a private entrance to the master cabin which is typically reserved for much larger yachts. This space is created, in part, by the Volvo Penta IPS system. Not only does it allow for incredibly precise docking, but it allows the engine room to be moved further aft in the boat, resulting in larger cabins than most other boats in this class. A more complete list is coming soon, but below are notable options, features, and upgrades: Volvo Penta IPS 600s with docking and high speed mode (350 hours) Bose Audio system in master and salon Bow thruster Washer/Dryer combo Electric blinds in salon Fresh water washdown pump Tender garage Grey oak interior Hydraulic platform Icemaker Cockpit joystick station with bow thruster control Teak decks throughout Tropical air conditioning upgrade – 69,000 BTU Diesel heater for both wintertime heat and automatic heating of the engine room – this prevents any need for winterization Upgraded under water lights Exterior 110V AC outlets added (6x) IPS shafts resealed (2024) IPS units aligned (2024) Propellers reconditioned (2024) Spare propeller set IPS service (2024) Transmission fluid Transmission filter In addition to the extended hydraulic platform, the transom features a fixed section which makes boarding easy even if a tender is stored on the platform. A hot and cold fresh water shower wand is great for rinsing off after a swim while the freshwater wash down helps with washing down the deck or tender. A city water inlet allows the freshwater tank and pump to be bypassed and provides constant pressure without having to continually refill the tanks. In addition to the platform, the tender can be concealed in the tender garage. The garage, coupled with a hydraulic platform, makes it very easy to deploy the tender. Two 110V AC outlets have been added which are great for extra lighting, or a compressor to inflate water toys. The cockpit is entered through a spring loaded, plexiglass gate. When desired, the cockpit can be covered with an electric sunshade that stops at the transom and truly covers the entire cockpit. Centerline, u-shaped seating is situated around a natural teak table, perfect for al fresco entertaining. The table is on a high-low pedestal that, when lowered, converts to a sun pad with the help of a filler cushion. Engine room access is convenient through two hatches, port and starboard. A center cockpit hatch opens to the ceiling of the tender garage, which is convenient when storing lines and fenders. Overhead lights and speakers are housed in the hardtop and two extra 110V AC outlets have been added for extra convenience. A hidden cockpit joystick station also features a bow thruster control for easy docking when backing into a slip or coming side-to. The salon doors are cleverly designed to not only enter from the starboard side but can also be slid so access is directly into the galley, on the port side. Immediately to starboard is the private entrance to the master – a privacy feature typically reserved for much larger boats. The port side, island-style galley features all the amenities of home: three-burner range, microwave, refrigerator/freezer, stainless steel sink, and plenty of storage. The salon is forward and boasts an incredible amount of seating for a 50’ boat. A C-shaped sofa arrangement is flanked by a port side facing sofa to create true wrap around seating throughout the entire salon. A BOSE surround sound system floods the entire galley and salon with music driven off a modern Fusion stereo. A high-low, leather topped table serves as a perfect coffee table but also folds out when a true dining table is needed. Opening windows on both sides and a massive retractable sunroof flood the salon with natural light and air when desired. Forward, opposite the helm, is a cleverly concealed TV that hinges up for easy viewing. The helm features a full complement of electronics, switches, and equipment that will satisfy even the most demanding captains. Upgraded, dual Raymarine Axiom units feature a lightning-fast processor for quick operation and chart redraws. The autopilot controller is conveniently located in between the chart plotters, which makes longer trips much more comfortable. The Prestige, leather wrapped steering wheel is adjustable whether the captain is standing or sitting. A salon thermostat is conveniently located at the helm to easily change the temperature while driving. Other equipment at the captains disposal include, but aren’t limited to: anchor chain counter, Volvo Penta engine display, IPS joystick, throttles, bow thruster, trim tab controls, and VHF. The master stateroom houses a centerline bed situated against the aft bulkhead, flanked on both sides by nightstands and reading lights. A TV with BOSE surround sound is mounted on the forward bulkhead while a dresser is situated to starboard, and settee is found on the port side, forward of the large hanging closet. Large hull side windows with opening portholes and shades give the owner the option of complete privacy, natural light, and cross ventilation. Forward is the master head with a full stand-up shower, mirrored medicine cabinet, and basin style sink. Plenty of storage is found under the countertop as well. Forward in the boat is the VIP stateroom. True to Prestige’s ability to maximize space, the bed, although it sits against the forward bulkhead, is easy to make with a near complete walk around. An overhead deck hatch can be opened for fresh air and also features a screen as well as black out shades. The stateroom has it’s own dedicated Fusion stereo and TV. A port side vanity can also serve as a desk and comes complete with an adjustable reading light. Large hanging closets are found aft, on either side. On the port side of the boat is the guest stateroom with side-by-side berths. Like all the other staterooms, it houses a hull side window with opening porthole, reading lights, overhead lights, large closet, and TV. Opposite the guest stateroom is the day head. Shower doors cleverly fold out of the way when not in use to maximize the floorspace of the head. A basin style sink sits under mirrored medicine cabinets and also features under counter storage. Finally, the engine room is easily accessed through two hatches in the cockpit. Dual Volvo Penta IPS 600s propel the boat while an Onan 11KW generator provide onboard power for AC systems. The IPS 600s are the original IPS model that debuted in 2006 and have been truly perfected to become one of the best engine/drive packages available. All strainers and thru-hulls are conveniently located for easy access. The boat air conditioning features a chilled water loop Dometic system. This is far superior than Condaria units that have give chilled loop air conditions a bad name. Pods are accessed in a separate compartment, aft of the engine room, further reducing noise in the salon. *The boat is located offsite, please call ahead for showings*

Steering SystemJoystick Control Options Anchoring Kit Black Galley Countertop Bose Audio System in Master Bow Thruster Carpet Entry and Steps – Vogue Carpet in Salon and Cabin – Vogue Combo Washer – Dryer Electric Lateral Blinds in Salon Electric Sea Pump Deck Washing Foredeck Bimini Garage Tender Version Grey Oak Interior Hydraulic Bathing Platform Icemaker 110V IPS Joystick Control in Cockpit Launching Ramp for Tender Mosquito Screens for Portholes Pre-Wiring for Satellite TV Raymarine Electronics Rear Camera, Raymarine Day/Night Safe Sliding Chocks for Rib Tender Teak Wood Sidedecks Trim Level – Excellence Tropical AC Upgrade 69000 BTU Under Lights Hydraulic Platform US Specifications Window External Curtains Bow Bimini for sunpad Bow and spring mooring cleats Double wide sunpad with adjustable backrests Mooring winch Stainless steel anchor chute with scuff plate Cockpit 110V outlets (2x) Cockpit joystick with Quick bow thruster controls and Volvo Penta touchpad Cockpit Sunshade Engine room access hatches – Starboard and Port Exterior courtesy lighting Exterior overhead storage High low, natural teak table with convertible sunpad cushion Manual bilge pump receptacle and concealed storage for bar Overhead lighting Overhead speakers (2x) Port and Starboard side storage lockers Spring loaded cockpit door Stern mooring cleats (2x) with line storage Tender garage access hatch U-shaped cockpit seating Day Head 110V outlets Air conditioning vents Basin style sink with stainless steel faucet Hull window with opening porthole Jabsco electric toilet Light switches Mirrored medicine cabinets Robe Hook Stand up shower with folding, stowable doors, and overhead lighting Under sink drawers and cabinets with concealed toilet paper holder Waste tank indicator Galley 110V outlets Bosh three burner range Ceiling mounted strip lighting Concealed refrigerator and freezer Icemaker In counter, concealed wet storage Island-style galley Main distribution panel Microwave Overhead lacquered storage Overhead lighting Pullout bottle storage Reversible sliding cockpit doors to allow entrance into either side of the galley with sliding shade Stainless steel in-counter sink with leather wrapped stainless steel faucet and mirrored backsplash Under counter drawers and cabinets Guest Stateroom 110V outlets Air conditioning vents Basin style sink with stainless steel faucet Jabsco electric toilet Light switches Mirrored medicine cabinets Stand up shower with folding, stowable doors, teak grate, and overhead lighting Under sink drawers and cabinets with concealed toilet paper holder Waste tank indicator Helm 12V charger Adjustable, leather wrapped steering wheel Air conditioning thermostat Automatic fire suppression system status indicator and control Bow thruster control Chain counter Compass Double wide leather bench with backrest IPS Joystick with docking and high mode Lenco trim tab controls Opening sunroof Overhead lighting Raymarine Autopilot control Raymarine Axiom MFDs (2) Raymarine VHF with handset and speaker Rudder indicator Spotlight control Stainless steel cupholder Starboard side sliding window Tachometer (2x) – analog and digital Volvo ignitions Volvo Penta digital binnacle Volvo Penta engine display Master 110V outlets (2x) Cockpit joystick with Quick bow thruster controls and Volvo Penta touchpad Cockpit Sunshade Engine room access hatches – Starboard and Port Exterior courtesy lighting Exterior overhead storage High low, natural teak table with convertible sunpad cushion Manual bilge pump receptacle and concealed storage for bar Overhead lighting Overhead speakers (2x) Port and Starboard side storage lockers Spring loaded cockpit door Stern mooring cleats (2x) with line storage Tender garage access hatch U-shaped cockpit seating Master Head 110V outlets Air conditioning vents Basin style sink with stainless steel faucet Jabsco electric toilet Light switches Mirrored medicine cabinets Stand up shower with folding, stowable doors, teak grate, and overhead lighting Under sink drawers and cabinets with concealed toilet paper holder Waste tank indicator Salon 110V outlets Concealed, hinging TV End tables with storage Fusion stereo control High-low leather, foldable coffee/dining table Overhead lighting Port side sliding window Starboard, port, forward, and aft facing sofas Strip courtesy lighting Transom & Platform 110V outlets (2x) City water inlet Cockpit sunshade control Emergency swim ladder Fresh water shower with cold/hot mixer Freshwater wash down Glendenning cable master Hydraulic swim platform Low level mooring cleats (2x) Mounting hardware for tender chalks Step courtesy lights Swim platform control Teak decks Tender garage with cradle VIP Bulkhead-mounted TV Centerline, forward berth Courtesy lighting Fusion stereo Hull side windows with opening portholes  (2x) Overhead lighting Overhead, opening deck hatch with blackout shades and screen Port and Starboard side hanging closets Port side vanity with reading light Reading lights Roman shades

Fly Yachts is pleased to assist you in the purchase of this vessel. This boat is centrally listed by OneWater Yacht Group – Dania Beach.

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