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2019 Bluegame BG62

2019 Bluegame BG62

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Introducing the 2019 Bluegame BG62 by Sanlorenzo, a remarkable example of Italian design and engineering, currently located in Aventura, FL. This yacht stands out with its sleek 62 ft length, powered by twin Volvo Penta IPS 1200 D13 engines, each offering 900 HP for robust performance. With a maximum speed of 35 knots and cruising speed of 30 knots, it combines power with elegance. The yacht’s fuel, freshwater, and blackwater capacities are generously sized at 740 gallons, 170 gallons, and 80 gallons respectively, ensuring extended voyages with maximum comfort. Additionally, its Volvo Penta engine warranty remains valid until September 2025, offering peace of mind to its next owner.

The Bluegame BG62 is not just about performance; it’s also about living in style and comfort. The yacht features a hydraulic platform, carbon-fiber hardtop with sunroof, and walkaround side decks that enhance the onboard experience. The design, credited to Arch. Luca Santella with a restyling & interior by Zuccon International Project and water lines by N.A. Louis T. Codega, showcases an Italian style with a sport utility vibe, including a flared bow and bow lounge. Sustainability is also a key aspect of its design, with FSC certified woods, total LED lighting, and zero-impact sustainable leather. With a draft at full load of 1.40 m and a displacement of approximately 24 tons, the BG62 is a testament to modern yacht design, offering a blend of speed, luxury, and sustainability for the discerning owner.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: 2,350,000.00 USD
  • Length: 62 ft
  • Year: 2019
  • Make: Bluegame
  • Model: BG62

Technical Specifications:

  • Beam: 17.5 ft
  • Draft: 4.42 ft
  • Fuel Capacity: 740|gallon
  • Water Capacity: 170|gallon
  • Cruising Speed: 30 kn
  • Maximum Speed: 35 kn

Engine Details:

  • Make: Volvo Penta – Model: 1200 – Power: 900|horsepower
  • Make: Volvo Penta – Model: 1200 – Power: 900|horsepower


Aventura, FL, US

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What makes the 2019 Bluegame BG62 by Sanlorenzo stand out in terms of design and performance?

The 2019 Bluegame BG62, designed in collaboration with Arch. Luca Santella and Zuccon International Project, features an Italian style with a sport utility vibe that’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Its remarkable design includes a flared bow, bow lounge, and external seating with a wet bar, all under a carbon-fiber hardtop with sunroof. Performance-wise, it’s engineered for speed up to 38 knots, featuring a pair of Volvo Penta IPS 1200 D13 engines, promising exhilarating experiences with a strong connection to the water. This blend of stylish design and high-speed capability makes it an exceptional choice for both leisure and excitement.

How does the 2019 Bluegame BG62 ensure comfort and sustainability for its passengers?

The 2019 Bluegame BG62 goes above and beyond to ensure passenger comfort while adhering to sustainable practices. It uses FSC certified woods, zero-impact sustainable leather, and formaldehyde-free furniture, minimizing environmental impact without compromising on luxury. With total LED lighting, it also ensures energy efficiency onboard. The yacht’s deck layout is designed to maximize social spaces and promote seamless indoor-outdoor living, making it ideal for those who value both comfort and environmental consciousness.

What are the key features of the Volvo Penta engines in the 2019 Bluegame BG62?

The 2019 Bluegame BG62 is powered by two Volvo Penta IPS 1200 D13 engines, each producing 900 HP, which contribute to its remarkable performance capabilities. These engines are known for their exceptional power-to-weight ratio, efficiency, and maneuverability. Additionally, they come with a warranty valid until September 2025, offering peace of mind to potential buyers. With a maximum speed of 39 knots and a cruising speed of up to 32 knots, these engines ensure that the yacht can offer both thrilling speeds and comfortable cruising experiences.

How does the 2019 Bluegame BG62 cater to those who love outdoor activities?

Designed with the outdoor enthusiast in mind, the 2019 Bluegame BG62 features a hybrid onboard living concept with expansive outdoor social spaces, making it perfect for those who enjoy spending time in the open air. Its notable features include a hydraulic platform and a swim step, plus an optional part of the stern platform can lower for tender launch, enhancing the ease of engaging in various water sports. The availability of optional deck accessories for fishing further underscores its appeal to those who appreciate the versatility in their maritime adventures, seamlessly blending luxury with the spirit of outdoor living.

What about the 2019 Bluegame BG62 makes it an ideal option for upscale maritime entertainment?

The 2019 Bluegame BG62’s unique combination of luxurious materials, expansive outdoor social spaces, and state-of-the-art amenities make it the perfect yacht for upscale maritime entertainment. With a maximum capacity of 16 passengers, it can host a generous group in comfort, facilitated by features like the external seating area with a table and wet bar, and sun pads. Its Italian styling, inclusive of a forward-rake wraparound windshield and a smartly designed deck layout, offers not just a visual appeal but also a practical space for guests to mingle and relax. This, coupled with its impressive performance, ensures an unforgettable experience for both hosts and guests alike, setting a new standard in yacht entertainment.

Provided Description:

2019 Bluegame BG62 by Sanlorenzo Volvo Penta engine warranty is good until September 2025 All trades and offers will be considered A supersized walkaround with 38-knot speed, Italian style, and outdoor social spaces come standard.   The Bluegam62’s vibe is sport utility, but the reality is that it’s a 38-knot yacht. It’s for the yachtsman who wants something more than the biggest center-­consoles but doesn’t want to stray too far from a package that already works.   Regarding deck layout and styling, the 62 has a flared bow, a bow lounge, a gentle rise-and-fall sheer line, and walkaround side decks with chunky bulwarks. The yacht is like a center console on steroids, with a forward-rake wraparound windshield and a carbon-fiber hardtop (with a sunroof) that protects a cockpit with seating, a table, a wet bar, and sun pads. The black helm console matches the carbon-fiber-shell seat for two, with a single seat to port. At the stern, the hydraulic platform and swim step meld with the open aft deck, a layout that creates a superb connection with the water; there is no tender aboard. There are many optional deck accessories, particularly of a fishy hue.   The heart of this yacht is the cabin below decks. A sofa and table are to port, with a refrigerator, cooktop, and cupboards to starboard. Headroom is at least 7 feet 9 inches in most of the cabin, and at its lowest, my tape registered just more than 7 feet. A skylight and hull side windows flood the space with light, and the decor is Italian chic, with ice-white lacquer and matte-varnished teak.   The two staterooms are ensuite, and the owner’s space has a glass-walled shower cubicle. Some yachtsmen will love it, while others may find it too racy. If you’re like me — a reserved Englishman of a certain age—then order an opaque shower stall. Also, a shallow washbasin is between the shower and head compartments in the owner’s stateroom. It’s different from a traditional bathroom-with-a-sink setup but equally effective.   Overall, the Bluegame 62 has an open layout that should appeal to center-console enthusiasts looking to move up in size. This yacht’s profile catches the eye, her speed is thrill-inducing, and she has overnight amenities with luxurious Italian styling. Bluegame’s return to the yachting scene is most welcome.

Features**BLUEGAME FOCUS: HANDICRAFT, AUTOMATION, AND SUSTAINABILITY The interiors are crafted by the expert craftsmen of the Iseo Lake area, where a tradition of high-quality boat building was settled a long time ago. . On the Bluegame yachts, owners and guests can find a large use of the most updated house automation to offer the best-assisted living on board. The Bluegame production is made under the most attentive sustainability principles, using FSC certified woods supplying, the total LED lighting, zero impact sustainable leather, formaldehyde-free furniture for the higher respect of the environment during construction use boats. The respect for the environment is extended to participating in international foundations engaged in protecting the world’s Oceans. Bluegame 62 The BG62 is one of the three models in Bluegame’s BG range of sport utility yachts. This 18.8m (61’6”) vessel offers generous and exquisitely styled living spaces both inside and out and is built with the brand sustainable approach. As safe as she is stylish, the BG62’s well-thought-out length allows experienced sailors to take to the water without the need for a crew.The Bluegame 62 was conceived from the desire to combine large comfortable areas with the traditional seaworthiness of all Bluegame yachts, allowing its owner, with the help of the IPS joystick, total freedom without the need of crew. Part of the stern platform is lowering to launch and board a 12 ft tender. Interiors Flexibility and customized solutions represent the main characteristics of the interior project of Bluegame 62, developed under the sign of maximum usability. The large salon can seat up to eight people while there are two cabins, a king-size full-beam master cabin, a real suite, and twin beds. A large space can be arranged as a crew quarters for one or two crews or as an immense storage area in the aft area. SPECIFICATIONS Concept & Design: Arch. Luca Santella Restyling & Interior Design: Zuccon International Project Water Lines: N.A. Louis T. Codega LENGTH OVERALL 18,80 m 61 ft 1 in DRAFT @ FULL LOAD 1,40 m 4 ft 5 in FUEL CAPACITY 2800 l 740 gals ENGINES 2 x Volvo Penta IPS 1200 D13 / 2 x 662 kW / 900 HP STD GENERATORS 1 x 18 kW CE certified length 17,40 m 57 ft 1 in DISPLACEMENT DRY (ESTIMATE) 24 t +/- 5% 52,900 lbs FRESHWATER CAPACITY 650 l 170 gals MAX SPEED 35 knots +/- 5% STD 39 knots +/- 5% OPT CRUISE SPEED 30 knots +/- 5% STD 32 knots +/- 5% OPT MAX NUM. PASSENGERS 16 MAXIMUM BEAM 5,37 m 17 ft 6 in DEADRISE 17° BLACKWATER CAPACITY 300 l 80 gals CLASS CE cat. “B”

Fly Yachts is pleased to assist you in the purchase of this vessel. This boat is centrally listed by Allied Marine – Fort Lauderdale.

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