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2021 Sabre 48 Salon Express

2021 Sabre 48 Salon Express

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Introducing the 2021 Sabre 48 Salon Express, a modern marvel of maritime engineering, now located in the accessible Baltimore, MD, USA, just minutes from Baltimore Washington International Airport. This yacht, priced at $1,425,000.00 USD, stretches to an impressive length of 47.25 ft and is powered by twin Volvo Penta IPS 700 engines, which are under extended warranty until November 2025. Not only does it boast a cruising speed of 27 knots, but it can also reach a top speed of more than 34 knots, thanks to its efficient pod drives and joystick controls that simplify docking. The yacht also features a fresh Flag Blue Awlgrip Hull Paint as of 2024, ensuring it stands out with its pristine condition and appealing aesthetics.

The Sabre 48 Salon Express is designed for comfort and convenience, featuring a galley-down layout with two cabins and two heads, including a master berth with an athwartships orientation and an en-suite head, offering a perfect blend of privacy and luxury. The utility room provides additional space, potentially serving as crew quarters. For those who appreciate technology and convenience, this yacht comes equipped with a complete Garmin Electronics Package, auxiliary displays, and a SeaKeeper 6 gyroscopic stabilization system for smooth sailing. The inclusion of a Freedom Lift with a 2021 30hp Tohatsu Walker Bay Side Console, a 250′ stainless steel anchor chain, and an Onan 13.5KW generator further enhances its appeal, making the Sabre 48 Salon Express a smart choice for those seeking a high-quality, feature-rich yacht for their maritime adventures.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: 1,425,000.00 USD
  • Length: 47.25 ft
  • Year: 2021
  • Make: Sabre
  • Model: 48 Salon Express

Technical Specifications:

  • Beam: 15.33 ft
  • Draft: 4.08 ft
  • Fuel Capacity: 263|gallon
  • Water Capacity: 160|gallon
  • Cruising Speed: 29 kn
  • Maximum Speed: 32 kn

Engine Details:

  • Make: Volvo D-8 – Model: D-8 – Power: 550|horsepower
  • Make: Volvo D-8 – Model: D-8 – Power: 550|horsepower


Baltimore, MD, US

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What makes the 2021 Sabre 48 Salon Express stand out in the yacht market?

The 2021 Sabre 48 Salon Express is unique because it combines luxury, performance, and innovation all in one. With twin Volvo Penta IPS 700 engines and extended warranties valid until November 2025, this yacht offers impressive cruising speeds of 27 knots and can exceed 34 knots. Its ease of docking is enhanced by pod drives and joystick controls, making it a standout choice for both seasoned and new yacht owners. Additionally, its fresh Flag Blue Awlgrip Hull Paint from 2024 and SeaKeeper 6 gyroscopic stabilization system ensure both a striking appearance and a smooth sailing experience.

How does the SeaKeeper 6 gyroscopic stabilization system enhance the 2021 Sabre 48 Salon Express’s performance?

The SeaKeeper 6 gyroscopic stabilization system significantly enhances onboard comfort by reducing the yacht’s roll on the water, making it more stable during various sea conditions. This system is particularly beneficial when the yacht is at rest or cruising, ensuring passengers enjoy a smoother, more stable journey. Its inclusion in the 2021 Sabre 48 Salon Express highlights the yacht’s advanced engineering and commitment to passenger comfort and safety.

Can you explain the benefits of the 2021 Sabre 48 Salon Express’s galley-down layout?

The galley-down layout of the 2024 Sabre 48 Salon Express offers numerous benefits, including a more spacious main salon area that provides panoramic sea views, creating an open and airy atmosphere. This layout separates the cooking and dining areas, which enhances privacy and noise reduction in living spaces. Additionally, it allows for larger accommodations in the yacht, including two cabins and two heads, making it perfectly suited for extended stays and long-distance cruising.

What is included in the 2021 Sabre 48 Salon Express’s Garmin Electronics Package?

The complete Garmin Electronics Package included with the 2021 Sabre 48 Salon Express features advanced navigation and vessel control technologies. This package comes with auxiliary displays that provide vital information and ease the management of the yacht’s systems. It ensures safe and efficient voyages by offering up-to-date charting, radar, and autopilot capabilities, making it an essential asset for both novice and experienced sailors alike.

How does the joystick control system improve the 2021 Sabre 48 Salon Express’s maneuverability?

The joystick control system greatly improves the maneuverability of the 2021 Sabre 48 Salon Express by allowing precise, easy-to-execute movements at the touch of a joystick. This system makes docking and navigating through tight marinas simpler and less stressful, especially in challenging conditions. It combines the throttle and steering response, enabling operators to move the yacht forwards, backwards, sideways, or rotate it on its axis with confidence and ease, making it a favorite feature among yacht owners for its simplicity and efficiency.

Provided Description:

“Miss Charlotte Louise” is powered by Twin Volvo Penta IPS 700’s – Cruising comfortably at 27 knots and at wide open throttle, she will top out at more than 34 knots. Pod drives and joystick controls give every owner-operator the confidence to dock her in the most difficult of circumstances with ease.Featuring the standard configuration of two cabins and two heads, “Miss Charlotte Louise” is supplemented by a Utility room offering an additional crew quarters. Her galley-down layout does not compromise on space and light, allowing for easy meal prep and use for extended trips. Unique to the Sabre 48 Salon Express design, her master berth and en-suite head have an athwartships orientation, allowing for flat cabin sole on all side of the spacious island queen.Located only minutes from Baltimore Washington International Airport – “Miss Charlotte Louise” is ready for her next Journey..Notable Features Include: Fresh Flag Blue Awlgrip Hull Paint 2024 Volvo IPS 700’s w/Extended Warranties – 11/2025 SeaKeeper 6 – Gyroscopic Stabilization Complete Garmin Electronics Package w/Auxiliary Displays Second Sonar w/ Forward Facing Transducer ACR RCL Spot Light – Mounted on Hardtop w/ Control @ Helm Freedom Lift w/ 2021 30hp Tohatsu Walker Bay Side Console 2nd Shore Power Inlet at Bow w/ 25′ Power Cord

MANUFACTURER PROVIDED DESCRIPTIONThe 48 Salon Express has a traditional exterior profile that belies her contemporary performance. She cruises at 27 knots and, and at wide open throttle, she’ll attain 35 knots. Pod drives and joystick controls give every owner-operator the confidence to dock her in the most difficult of circumstances, and remarkably low sound levels while underway allow for a more pleasant experience while cruising. Featuring a standard configuration of two cabins and two heads, the 48 Salon Express is supplemented by a utility space forward of the engine room. Designed with our customers in mind, her galley-down layout doesn’t compromise on space and light, making food and drink preparation a pure pleasure. Unique to the Sabre 48 design, her master berth and en-suite head have an athwartships orientation, allowing for flat cabin sole on all side of the spacious island queen. FACTORY INCLUDED OPTIONS Flag Blue Hull Paint (2024) Electric Sunroof w/ Ocean-Aire Screen/Shade FRP Molded Mast Freedom Lift w/ 2021 Walker Bay Side Console Dinghy w/ 30hp Tohatsu Teak Cockpit & Swim Platform  Release Marine High Gloss Teak Cockpit Table Seakeeper 6 – Gyroscopic Stabilization Reverso Oil Change System Single Seagull Water Purifier For Ice Maker & Galley Fresh Water Wash Down Forward Separate 3000 Watt Inverter & 100 AMP Battery Charger 2nd Shore Power Inlet at Bow w/ 25′ Power Cord 250′ Stainless Steel Anchor Chain Central-Vac w/2 Outlets & 32′ Hose Kahlenberg Triple Chrome Horns   Dual Beam Spotlight Mounted On Hardtop Mast Icemaker In Cabinet Below Stidd Helm Seats Side By Side Washer & Dryer In Utility Space Mattress & Seat w/ Back Rest In Utility Space Integrated Sure Shade System For Cockpit SALON L-Shaped Settee to Starboard, 5″ Foam Cushions w/ Storage & Sabre Tool Drawer Below Settee to Port, 5″ Foam Cushions, w/ Drawers High Gloss Finished Table w/ Hi-Low Pedestal & Angled Slide Mechanism Lowers to Coffee Table Height Entertainment Center to Port Including a Flat Smart LCD TV 32″ on Lift Sound Deadening Soft Headliner Panels Hinged Stainless Steel Door to Cockpit Electrically Operated Window Aft of L-Shaped Settee Deep Chart Table Forward of Settee Seat Port Hydraulic Hatch on Sole For Utility Room Access Ocean-Aire Interior Blinds on Side & Aft Windows Electric Sunroof w/ Ocean-Aire Screen/Shade PORT SIDE GALLEY Solid Surface Galley Counter Top Stainless Steel Under Mount Sink w/ Cover & Pull-Out Faucet Built-In Soap Dispenser Isotherm Stainless Steel Stand-Up Refrigerator & Freezer Two Burner Electric Cook Top Convection Microwave w/ Stainless Steel Face Drawers & Storage Lockers Below Counter Built-In Waste Basket Recycle Bin Below Steps MASTER STATEROOM Island Berth Athwartships Layout w/ 9″ Foam Mattress Hull Side Deadlight Over Head Board Shoji Style Passageway & Closet Doors Shoji Style Portlight Screen Panels Cherry Ceiling Battens Drawers Under Berth & In Bulkhead Aft of Berth (2) Hanging Lockers Fore & Aft of Berth Beautiful Teak & Holly Sole  Sound Deadening Soft Headliner Panels Sliding Door to Master Head Compartment MASTER HEAD Private Access From Master Stateroom Custom Tile Flooring in Shower & Head Glass Vessel Style Sink High Gloss Finish Over Solid Cherry Counter Vanity Cabinet Below Sink Storage Outboard Mirror Above Vanity, Cherry Framed Separate Shower Stall w/ Clear Bi-Fold Enclosure & Glass Tile Accent Wall Within Electric Shower Sump Pump Opening Port to Side Deck Deck Hatch w/ Blind/Screen Overhead Ventilation Blower Stainless Steel Towel Bars VIP/FORWARD STATEROOM Spacious Island Berth w/ 6″ Mattress & Laminated Trim Cherry Hull Liner Drawers Under Berth, A/C Return Grille Storage Lockers, Drawers, & Shelves Teak & Holly Sole Sound Deadening Soft Headliner Panels Ensuite Access to Shower & Head VIP/FORWARD HEAD Stainless Steel Under Mount Sink Shower Stall w/ Seat & Locker Outboard Hot & Cold Pressure Pater Electric Shower Sump Pump Storage Lockers Solid Surface Vanity Top w/ Bull Nose Towel Bars Soap Dispenser Cherry Wood Trimmed Mirror Over Sink Ventilation Blower NAVIGATION / ELECTRONICS Twin Garmin 8617 Displays 9″ Garmin Display For System Monitoring 7″ Garmin 742XA Display Salon Aft Garmin Fantom Radar 50W with 4′ Open Array Airmar 220 WX Antenna Airmar B60 Bronze Transducer Garmin GSD25 Sonar Module Garmin NMEA 2K GPS Antenna Sea Keeper 6 Display w/1311 Run Hours & 1158 Sea Hours Garmin Heading Sensor Garmin VHF 315 Shakespeare 4′ VHF Antenna Garmin AIS 800 with GA38 AIS External Antenna Garmin GHC20 Autopilot Head Display Garmin Network Camera A-OMNI-0402-V1-01 Omni-Directional Antenna ACR RCL Spot Light – Mounted on Hardtop w/ Control @ Helm HELM STATION Hinged Access Door to Starboard Side Deck Dual Volvo-Garmin 8617 Multi-Function Displays (MFDs) w/ Separate SD Card Readers Volvo-Penta Autopilot w/ Joystick Driving Volvo-Penta IPS Plus Joystick Controller on Dash Twin Lever Shift & Throttle Control (EVC-E) w/ Single Lever & Cruise Control Software Triple Windshield Wipers w/ Multiple Speed Settings Windshield Washers Plumbed From The Fresh Water System Ritchie Compass Switch Controls for Horn, Running Lights, Anchor Light, Engine Room Blowers, & Bilge Pumps Custom Teak Steering Wheel w/ Tilt Helm & Sabre Logo Twin Stidd N Series Helm-Seats w/ Ultra-Leather Fabric Mounted on a Cherry Cabinet w/ Icemaker Below NMEA 2000 Backbone OPTIONAL INCLUDED AV EQUIPMENT Black Box Fusion System w/ MS-NRX300 Remote Control Stations at Helm& Cockpit Four Speakers: Two In Main Salon, Two In Cockpit 10″ Kicker Subwoofer 10″ Kicker Amplifier KVH TV3 SAT TV System KVH TV3 Dummy Dome (3) Direct TV Receivers 32″ Vizio LED Smart TV TV In  Main Salon 32″ Vizio LED Smart TV TV In  Master Stateroom 24″ LG LED Smart TV In Forward Stateroom  Shakespeare SeaWatch Air Antenna PROPULSION Twin Volvo-Penta IPS 700 Inboard Propulsion System, Electric Shift Transmissions & Nibral P-Series Duo-Props Tier III Emission Certified Pleasure Craft Rated VP D8, 550mhp @, 2900rpm Engines Integrated Fresh Water Heat Exchanger Cooling System 24v-110 AMP Alternator Each Engine Extra 12v-115 AMP Alternator Volvo-Penta 900mm Interceptor Trim System w/ Auto Trim Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) Active Corrosion Protection System (ACP) Volvo-Penta Clear Wake Exhaust Bypass System (EVC Controlled) Groco Raw Water Intake Strainers & Safety Sea Valves Engine Room Blower & Vent Ducts Engine Room Floor w/ FRP Non-Skid Gloss White Engine Room Gloss White Painted Engines Mylar-Faced Foam Noise Barrier HULL Modified Deep V Planing Hull Design 14º Deadrise at Transom, 23º Deadrise Amidships ISO NPG White Gelcoat w/Vinylester Backup Resin Bottom, Topsides & Transom VIP Resin Infused Biaxial E-Glass w/ Corecell SAN Foam Core Stringer System Biaxial E-Glass w/ Foam Core Resin Infused E-Glass Swim Platform w/ Molded-In Non-Skid Surface Hull Side Rubbing Strakes White PVC Rub Rail w/Stainless Steel Cap Painted (Urethane) Double Boot Top Gold Recessed Cove Stripe DECK HARDWARE 1 1/4″ Diameter Type 316 Stainless Steel Perimeter Rail System (6) 12inch Stainless Steel Cleats: Two Forward, Four Mid Ship (2) Stainless Steel Bollard Cleats Aft (2) Stainless 12″ Cleats on Cockpit Coaming on Centerline (1) 10″ Stainless Steel Cleat to Starboard of Windlass as Anchor Rode Tie Off (4) Custom Cast Stainless Steel Mid-Rail Line Chocks (2) Custom Cast Stainless Steel Skene Chocks Forward. Custom Stainless Steel Bow Pulpit with Dual Anchor Roller For 44# CQR or Delta Anchor & Lunch Hook Quick Anchor Windlass, Electric Rope-Chain Type Teak Flag Staff and Socket on Taffrail Burgee Staff on The Bow Pulpit (6) Low-Profile Stainless Steel Hatches w/ Screens Single-Glazed Salon Windows. (6) Custom Stainless Steel Opening Port Lights Teak Toe Rails. Teak Cabin-Side Eyebrow Teak Table in Cockpit Custom Stainless Steel SABRE Logo Raw Water Wash Down System at The Bow Kahlenberg Triple Chrome Horns DECK & HARDTOP ISO NPG Gelcoat VIP Resin Infused Biaxial E-Glass with Balsa Core Molded-In Anti-Skid Deck Surfaces Electric Opening Window in Salon Aft Salon Bulkhead Flush, Outward Opening, Transom Door with Latch Anchor Locker with Slam Latch Large Lazarette / Engine Room Access Hatch in Cockpit Sole Integrated Sure Shade System Over Cockpit 120 VOLT ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Onan 13.5KW Generator Including: Dedicated Start Battery, Water Drop Muffler, Cooling Water Intake Strainer, Sound Shield & Transfer Switch 50A Shore Power Service w/ Glendinning Cablemaster & 75ft. Power Cord Isolation Transformer Illuminated Main Circuit Breaker Distribution Panel Digital AC System Monitor 120V GFCI Protected Outlets In Each Cabin and Engine Room 50AMP  3- Bank Battery Charger Reverse Cycle Heat/Air Conditioning w/ 4 Zones- One 10k BTU in the Forward Cabin, One 10k BTU in the Master Cabin, One 16k BTU in the Galley and One 24k BTU in the Main Salon & One 6k BTU in Crew Quarters 12VDC ELECTRICAL SYSTEM (4) AGM Group 31 Dedicated Engine Start Batteries (3) AGM 4D Deep Cycle Ship’s Service Batteries (1) AGM Group 24 Generator Start Battery Remote Control Battery Switches w/ Controls at Helm Manual Emergency Battery Crossover Switch Illuminated Main Circuit Breaker Distribution Panel Digital Battery Monitor Lighting: St. Maarten Amber Cabin Reading Lights High Output LED Lights in Overhead LED Strip Lighting in Appropriate Locations LED Engine Room Lighting Tri-Color Lights Over Helm Station, Red, White Blue Cockpit Courtesy Lights Marine-Grade, Tinned Wire Throughout 12VDC USB Chargers at Helm & in All Cabins FRESH WATER SYSTEM Water Capacity 160 Gals 20-Gallon Water Heater Operates on 110-VAC Hot & Cold Water Pressure System 12V w/ Dual Pumps Fresh Water Spigot in the Engine Room Transom Shower, Hot & Cold Shore Water Inlet w/ Filter WASTE DISPOSAL Polyethylene Holding Tank w/ a 70-Gallon Capacity Jabsco Quiet Flush Fresh Water MSD in Guest Head Tecma Eco MSD in Master Head Diaphragm Waste Pump on Holding Tank FUEL SYSTEM (2) 263 USG Diesel Fuel Tanks Port and Starboard Dual Racor Fuel Filters (2) 2 inch Diesel Deck Fill Plates EXCLUSIONSWhile every effort was made to include all pertinent included equipment aboard “MISS CHARLOTTE LOUISE”, there are some personal items aboard. Prospective purchasers should assume any item not specifically mentioned herein would not convey at closing. Refer specific items in question to the listing broker. Additional Units Included 2021 EWV VS Steering SystemJoystick Control

Fly Yachts is pleased to assist you in the purchase of this vessel. This boat is centrally listed by Bluewater Yacht Sales, LLC- Baltimore Office.

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