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2023 Princess Y85 Motor Yacht

2023 Princess Y85 Motor Yacht

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Discover the exceptional 2023 Princess Y85 Motor Yacht “RAWBAR,” a masterpiece of engineering and design, currently located in Sag Harbor, NY. This 85-foot yacht, priced at $7,850,000.00 USD, represents the zenith of luxury yachting, offering a blend of high-end features and impeccable maintenance. Delivered in 2023, “RAWBAR” comes equipped with powerful MAN V12-1900 engines and dual Kohler 32KW generators, ensuring reliable and robust performance. The yacht includes a Williams Tender 435, enhancing its appeal by providing an easy option for short excursions or accessing shallow waters.

The yacht’s design and onboard amenities set it apart, featuring a new hull side window design that maximizes natural light and views. The advanced Garmin suite, including Dual GPSMAP 8617 MFD and Fantom 124 Radar, ensures navigation is both seamless and precise. Comfort and luxury are evident throughout, from the teak-laid flybridge and hydraulic swim platform to the spa bath and Jacuzzi on the flybridge. With an exterior lighting upgrade package, premium audio systems by Naim and JL Audio, and a comprehensive watermaker system, every detail has been considered for ultimate enjoyment and convenience. Achieving a speed range of 31-33 knots, the Princess Y85 is not only a testament to modern yacht design but also offers practical features like a Sleipner system for stabilization and an advanced anchor system for secure mooring.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: 7,850,000.00 USD
  • Length: 85 ft
  • Year: 2023
  • Make: Princess
  • Model: Y85 Motor Yacht

Technical Specifications:

  • Beam: 20.67 ft
  • Draft: 5.08 ft
  • Fuel Capacity: 2420|imperial gallon
  • Water Capacity: 330|imperial gallon
  • Cruising Speed: 27 kn
  • Maximum Speed: 32 kn

Engine Details:

  • Make: Man – Model: V12 – Power: 1900|horsepower
  • Make: Man – Model: V12 – Power: 1900|horsepower


Sag Harbor, NY, US

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What makes the 2023 Princess Y85 Motor Yacht “RAWBAR” stand out in the luxury yacht market?

The 2023 Princess Y85 Motor Yacht “RAWBAR” sets itself apart with a combination of luxury, advanced technology, and performance. Key highlights include its state-of-the-art Garmin navigation system, Sleipner hydraulic system for enhanced stability, extensive outdoor living areas with a Jacuzzi and sun awning, and innovative use of materials for both durability and style. The inclusion of a Williams Tender 435 and a comprehensive suite of onboard electronics, including premium audio and WIFI network, further distinguish this yacht as a leader in its class.

How does the location of the yacht in Sag Harbor, NY, enhance its appeal?

Located in Sag Harbor, NY, the yacht benefits from one of the most prestigious yachting locations in the United States. This setting adds to the yacht’s allure by offering potential buyers the opportunity to experience and appreciate the yacht in a prime maritime environment renowned for its beautiful scenery, vibrant boating community, and easy access to the northeastern United States’ most iconic cruising destinations.

Can you detail the engine and performance specifications of the “RAWBAR”?

The “RAWBAR” is powered by twin MAN V12-1900 engines, which enable a top speed range of 31-33 knots, showcasing an impressive blend of power and efficiency. The yacht also features two Kohler 32KW generators, ensuring reliable onboard power supply. The advanced hydraulic Sleipner system with SPS92/VF1350 vector fin stabilizer ensures optimal roll control and zero-speed stabilization, contributing to a smooth and comfortable cruising experience.

What unique lifestyle features does the Princess Y85 offer for entertaining and relaxation?

This yacht is designed with an extraordinary focus on outdoor living and entertainment. Noteworthy features include a spa bath on the flybridge, an electrically operated sun awning, upgraded exterior lighting, and teak-laid decks that add to the ambience and comfort. A Jacuzzi, premium audio upgrades with Naim and JL Audio systems, and onboard WIFI cater to both relaxation and entertainment needs. The inclusion of underwater lighting enhances evening aesthetics, making it perfect for hosting or simply enjoying serene nights at sea.

How do the design and aesthetics of the yacht influence its luxury status?

The 2023 Princess Y85 Motor Yacht “RAWBAR” elevates luxury yachting through meticulous attention to design and aesthetics. Highlights include new hull side window designs that enhance both the yacht’s external appearance and interior natural lighting. Standard teak details are upgraded with high-end materials for unparalleled elegance and durability. The yacht’s overall design ethos combines modern luxury with timeless elegance, securing its status as a standout option for discerning buyers seeking exceptional style and comfort.

Provided Description:

RAWBAR, the cleanest example of a Y85 Princess on the market today, exudes unparalleled luxury and sophistication. Delivered in 2023, this magnificent vessel has been meticulously maintained by a seasoned crew and a fastidious yacht owner. Its immaculate condition is a testament to the dedication and care it has received, ensuring that it stands as a beacon of excellence among its peers. With its sleek design, state-of-the-art features, and pristine upkeep, RAWBAR offers an unparalleled yachting experience for those who demand nothing but the best. Williams Tender 435 MAN V12-1900 Engines 2 X Kohler 32KW Generators Walnut Satin Wood Interior Jacuzzi New Hull Side Window Design Garmin Electronics

OPTIONSENGINES & DRIVESThird station controls in cockpit (engine controls, thruster controls, and engine  emergency stops)Oil Changer for engines & generator HYDRAULICSStandard hydraulic system (consisting of separate engine driven hydraulic pumps on each engine with cross connections allowing any system to be supplied with hydraulic power from either engine) combining the bowthrusterand windlass system. Hydraulic Stern Thruster INTERIOR FURNITUREWalnut interior wood Satin finish (galley and wheelhouse floors are ‘V’ groove planked  walnut as standard)Salon & dining area floors to be in ‘V’ groove planked wood with inlaid rug* in aft salon area (wood type same as galley & wheelhouse) LAYOUTStandard layout incorporates 3 staterooms, starboard side twin berth &  two crew cabinsPoliform Grace dining chairs (with arms in Sepessart Oak) in place of standard (Frag) Starboard cabin to have double berth conversion with powered sliding mechanism  inboard berthMaster Stateroom to have sideboard & armchair in place of occasional table with seatsBar stools at galley bar (2)Additional Storage in Master Stateroom Additional Storage in Stairwell to Lower DeckAlternative cockpit arrangement with twin fore/aft seating on sliders with electrically operated up/down coffee/dining table in lieu of dining table and fixed u-shaped seating GALLEY:Galley granite/marble: Misty CarreraGarbage disposalHansgrohe faucet with pull out head to sink unit in place of standard BATHROOMS Bathrooms to have Mystery White marble countertops & flooring DECK HARDWARE:Teak laid flybridge and side decks are standard on this craft.  The capacity for the standard hydraulic swim platform is 550 Kg (1,212 lbs)Hardtop (main canopy) finished in Graphite Grey metallic with Oyster Grey metallic legs (note: radar mast & navigation equipment painted in dark grey to match hardtopSpa bath on flybridge (includes increased water heater & water pump capacity) Cockpit servery unit (including top loading coolbox (100ltrs) and storage cupboard) Side boarding gates in addition to standard passerelleElectrically operated sun awning to aft end of hardtop in Anthracite GreyStainless steel anchor in place of standard (I) Primary anchor – 80 kg ss claw anchor with 100m of 14mm galvanized chain Secondary anchor – 50 kg ss claw anchor with 70m of 14mm galvanized chain Stainless Steel keyway plates & slider system for later fitting of tenderTeak foredeck coffee table (with deck mounted fixing point) 2 x barstools fitted at flybridgePlug in carbon pole transom shower and deck socket to bathing platform GENERATOR:A Kohler 32 kW / 60Hz generator is standardAdditional Kohler 32kW / 60 Hz generator ELECTRICAL:24kVA / 100A ISO-Boost transformers (x2)Glendinning Cablemasters (2x 100 Amp) in place of standardAir horns in place of standard electric hornsSeparate washer / dryer in lower lobby (in lieu of crew mess area)Combination washer/dryer in crew cabin with additional fridge/freezerHeated towel bar in forward cabin (fitted as standard in master)Icemaker in flybridge wetbarWolf induction cooktop in place of standard grill fitted in flybridge wetbarMiele wine cooler (34 bottles) in galley replaces inboard drawer unitExterior lighting upgrade package Included linear LED (x1) and fiber optic (x14) lighting to the cockpit pelmet and headlining and low level LED deck lighting (x28)Interior lighting upgrade package Additional fiber optic (x16) to salon & dining areaElectrically operated curtains to patio door and salon starboard side full height window AGM 90Ah batteries in place of standard  AUDIO VISUAL & COMMUNICATIONS: Premium Audio Upgrade Deck Salon – 55″ LED TV on a power lift. Naim Uniti Star audio system – Stream your favorite music in high-resolution, play, backup your CDs, store and access your music library or tune in to your favorite radio stations.  Access a world of music with a host of streaming and media sources with intuitive app enabled features.  Focal speakers (4) and subwoofer.Master Stateroom – 55″ LED TV with Naim Uniti Atom audio system with Bluetooth, multi-zone streaming capability and dedicated app.  Focal Speakers (2) and subwoofer. Forward Guest Cabin – 32″ LED TV with Naim Uniti Atom audio system with Bluetooth, multi-zone streaming capability and dedicated app.  Focal speakers (2) and subwoofer. Starboard Guest Cabin – 24″ LED TV with Naim Uniti Atom audio system with Bluetooth, multi-zone streaming capability and dedicated app.  Focal speakers (2). Port Guest Cabin – 27.5″ LED TV with Naim Uniti Atom audio system with Bluetooth, multi-zone streaming capability and dedicated app.  Focal speakers (2).Crew Mess – 32″ LED TV with Naim Uniti Atom audio system with Bluetooth, multi-zone streaming capability and dedicated app. Focal speakers (2).Flybridge – Naim Uniti Atom audio system with Bluetooth, multi-zonestreaming capability and dedicated app. Paired with JL Audio M6-650XL waterproof speakers (4) and Focal subwoofer with amplifier Cockpit seating area – Naim audio Uniti Atom system with Bluetooth,multi-zone streaming capability and dedicated app. Paired with JL Audiowaterproof speakers (2)Foredeck seating walk-through area – Naim Uniti Atom audio system withBluetooth, multi-zone streaming capability and dedicated app. Paired withJL Audio waterproof speakers (2) •    On board WIFI network incorporating external WIFI and 3G/4G antenna for extended range. Enabling connectivity to onshore WIFI networks throughout the vessel including crew and external guest areas.(Mobile internet connectivity requires an activated mobile data SIM card.) •    256GB SD card •    Combination inverter charger fitted, providing seamless transfer between generators/shore power and inverted battery power for saloon A/V & galley fridge. NAVIGATIONAL EQUIPMENT: Garmin Dual GPSMAP 8617 MFD displays at upper & lower helm Fantom 124 RadarGarmin autopilot with dual station controlsVHF315 marine radio with GHS 10 wired handset at upper helm Garmin AIS 800GMI 20 instruments in place of standard Raymarine i70 Additional Options: Sleipner Hydraulic system (consisting of separate engine driven hydraulic pumps on each engine with cross connections allowing any system to be supplied with hydraulic power from either engine) and incorporating SPS92/VF1350 vector fin stabilizer system.  When underway fins are driven by engine powered hydraulic pumps and at zero speed by a generator powered electric motor.  This system is designed to provide roll control at speeds above 12 knots as well as zero speed stabilization.  Bow and stern thrusters feature fully proportional speed control.  When the main engines are turned off the hydraulics are powered by an electric motor (2x 32 kW generators are recommended) Lumishore EOS TIX 803 underwater lights (4 across transom & 1 on port & stbd of  cockpit and 1 centered under the port & stbd master windows) w/ STV2204i controller in cockpitGwind wireless wind/speed unit connected to Garmin equipmentGarmin GXM 54 Sirius SAT weather antennaBoning and Garmin screens fitted in crew mess areaCamera, pan/tilt/zoom, fitted under aft deck overhangStandard teak details on flybridge and foredeck to be replaced with solid surface Flybridge – Neolith Cement Satin Stone (to match flybridge wetbar) Foredeck – Horizon Grey avonite Standard teak under flybridge stairs to be replaced with gelcoat sprayed in grey to  match cockpit bar unit.  Also, remove teak in cockpit headlining and replace with upholstered dark grey feature stripsConvert drawer above icemaker to a cutlery drawerElectroSea CL-990-X1.5 Clearline Control SystemYacht Safe Air Purification System, 8 ZonesQuickstep Marine Yacht-Master 6 stepWatermaker, Sea Recovery 1800 GPD Aquamatic Manufacturer Provided DescriptionThe new Y85 is classically Princess. The refined full length hull glazing compliments the latest Y Class styling, encompassing an interior sanctuary within. Engine NotesSpeed range: 31-33 knots

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