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2024 Skipper-BSK 38NC

2024 Skipper-BSK 38NC

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Introducing the 2024 Skipper-BSK 38NC, a state-of-the-art powerboat that sets a new standard in maritime engineering and design. Located in Naples, FL, this vessel measures an impressive 37.83 feet in length and is specifically engineered for those who have a passion for speed and efficiency on the water. At the heart of its performance are twin Mercury Verado V10 500Racing engines, custom-painted for an extra touch of exclusivity. These engines are not just about power; they are about delivering exhilarating speeds while maintaining high efficiency. The boat also features an integrated bow thruster, ensuring precise maneuvering capabilities in various conditions.

For the tech-savvy mariner, the 38NC is equipped with cutting-edge navigation and control systems. Dual Garmin 8416xsv units provide comprehensive mapping and sonar capabilities, while a Garmin Rear View Camera adds an extra layer of safety during tight maneuvers. The vessel’s Mercury Vessel View Screen offers real-time performance data, allowing for optimized handling and fuel consumption. Additionally, the remote-controlled Ultra Marine Windlass Anchor, carbon fiber dashboard, and fresh water washdown system underscore a commitment to convenience and durability. Whether used as a high-performance tender for larger yachts or as a standalone powerboat, the Skipper-BSK 38NC is designed to impress with its blend of power, technology, and advanced hull design, making every journey on the water an adventure in speed and style.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: N/A
  • Length: 37.83 ft
  • Year: 2024
  • Make: Skipper-BSK
  • Model: 38NC

Technical Specifications:

  • Beam: 18.25 ft
  • Draft: N/A
  • Fuel Capacity: 58|gallon
  • Water Capacity: N/A
  • Cruising Speed: 35 kn
  • Maximum Speed: 65 kn

Engine Details:

  • Make: Mercury – Model: Mercury – Power: 500|horsepower
  • Make: Mercury – Model: Mercury – Power: 500|horsepower


Naples, FL, US

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What Makes the Skipper-BSK 38NC Stand Out Among Other Yachts?

The Skipper-BSK 38NC is a remarkable vessel, particularly known for its twin Mercury Verado V10 500Racing engines that promise both high efficiency and exhilarating speeds. Equipped with a 4-step ultra-high-performance hull, it’s designed for quick planing and powerful acceleration, making it ideal for speed enthusiasts. Not just about speed, it also offers superior control and efficiency on water thanks to its integrated bow thruster and dual Garmin navigation setup. Its carbon fiber dashboard adds a touch of durability and style, setting it apart as either a luxurious tender for large yachts or a standout powerboat in its own right.

Can you tell me more about the navigation and safety features of the Skipper-BSK 38NC?

Safety and precise navigation are paramount on the Skipper-BSK 38NC. The vessel comes equipped with dual Garmin 8416xsv navigation units, complete with up-to-date maps and a transducer for clear underwater imaging. For safety, a Garmin Rear View Camera offers an enhanced view, helping to prevent accidents when maneuvering in tight spaces. Additionally, the boat includes a remote-controlled Ultra Marine Windlass Anchor, ensuring secure anchoring at the push of a button. With these advanced features, the 38NC ensures a safe and enjoyable experience on the water.

What advantages do the twin Mercury Verado V10 500Racing engines offer?

The twin Mercury Verado V10 500Racing engines on the Skipper-BSK 38NC provide unmatched power and performance. These engines are notable for their capability to offer exhilarating speeds without sacrificing fuel efficiency. The custom-painted Mercury Verado outboards are not only a visual treat but also embody the latest in marine engineering, providing superior control and power on the water. Whether you’re looking for quick acceleration or cruising at high speeds, these engines deliver, making every journey an adventure.

How does the Skipper-BSK 38NC cater to those seeking high-speed adventures on water?

Designed with speed enthusiasts in mind, the Skipper-BSK 38NC excels in delivering thrilling high-speed adventures on the waves. Its high-performance hull is engineered for quick planing and remarkable acceleration, while the twin Mercury Verado V10 500Racing engines ensure a powerful drive. Combined with advanced technology like Mercury Vessel View for real-time performance data, and integrated high-speed navigation equipment, the 38NC is the quintessential choice for those looking to blend power with speed for an unparalleled experience on the water.

What features make the Skipper-BSK 38NC ideal as a tender or a standalone powerboat?

The Skipper-BSK 38NC is incredibly versatile, making it an excellent choice whether as a tender for large yachts or a standalone powerboat. Its compact length of 37.83 ft ensures it is easily manageable while still offering ample space onboard. The integration of a bow thruster for precise maneuvering and a remote-controlled Ultra Marine Windlass Anchor adds to its suitability as a tender, ensuring easy handling and docking. For standalone use, its adrenaline-inducing twin Mercury Verado V10 500Racing engines and high-performance hull promise exciting adventures at sea, making it a top choice for boating enthusiasts seeking both power and luxury.

Provided Description:

Unleash the Power of Precision with the Skipper 38NC Featuring Twin Mercury Verado V10 500Racing Dive into a world where power and advanced technology blend seamlessly on the Skipper 38NC, a marvel of high-performance marine engineering. Designed for speed enthusiasts, this boat is powered by twin Mercury Verado V10 500Racing engines, emphasizing high efficiency and exhilarating speeds on the water. Engine Mastery and Advanced Thrust The Skipper 38NC’s twin custom-painted Mercury Verado V10 500Racing outboards are the heart of its performance, providing unmatched power and thrust. Equipped with an integrated bow thruster, these engines allow for precise maneuvering and superior control, ensuring that power meets precision in every aspect. Mercury Vessel View Screen Monitor your boat’s performance metrics effortlessly with the Mercury Vessel View Screen. This advanced feature provides real-time data on engine operation and boat status, enabling optimal performance management and a better understanding of your vessel’s capabilities. Navigation and Control The helm is outfitted with dual Garmin 8416xsv units, complete with maps, a transducer, and VHF for comprehensive navigation. Paired with a Garmin Rear View Camera, these systems ensure safe and efficient voyages, allowing for precise navigation in diverse marine environments. Utility and Functional Design The Skipper 38NC is not only about power but also about practicality. It features a remote-controlled Ultra Marine Windlass Anchor for effortless anchoring, a carbon fiber dashboard for durability and style, and a fresh water washdown system, enhancing both utility and aesthetics on deck. With its 4-step ultra-high-performance hull, the Skipper 38NC is crafted for quick planing and unforgettable acceleration. This boat is an ideal choice as a tender for large yachts or as a standalone powerboat for those who seek adventure on the waves. Step aboard the Skipper 38NC and experience the pinnacle of marine performance and technology.

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