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2025 Mag Bay 42

2025 Mag Bay 42

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Introducing the Mag Bay 42 Express, a 2025 model that sets a new standard for craftsmanship and performance in the yacht industry. Located in Miami, FL, this 42.25 ft yacht is designed for both the serious angler and the luxury-minded cruiser. It boasts a robust 100% Vinylester resin hull with Gurit A500 cored sides and a solid glass bottom, ensuring durability and a smooth ride in all conditions. The yacht comes with standard engine options of 1,000 HP Volvo D13 or Cat, with an optional upgrade to a 1,200 HP MAN for those seeking additional power. Additionally, it features an Onan 13.5 kW E-QD quiet diesel generator and a Seakeeper 6 gyro stabilizer, enhancing comfort and stability at sea.

The Mag Bay 42 Express is equipped with a plethora of features aimed at maximizing efficiency, comfort, and safety. Its advanced hull design, including propeller pockets and an angled transom below the waterline, improves maneuverability and performance. For ease of operation, it includes an electric bow thruster, electric hydraulic fully adjustable steering, and Zipwake interceptor trim tabs with internal GPS. The yacht also prioritizes fishing functionality with two oversized insulated in-deck fishboxes and an integrated transom livewell. Safety and convenience are further ensured with a comprehensive fire suppression system, oversized sea strainers, and an advanced electrical system with dedicated battery banks. Whether you’re cruising the open waters or seeking the next big catch, the Mag Bay 42 Express offers a blend of luxury, performance, and practicality that meets the needs of today’s discerning boaters.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: N/A
  • Length: 42.25 ft
  • Year: 2025
  • Make: Mag Bay
  • Model: 42

Technical Specifications:

  • Beam: 15.58 ft
  • Draft: 3.42 ft
  • Fuel Capacity: 675|gallon
  • Water Capacity: 400|gallon
  • Cruising Speed: N/A
  • Maximum Speed: N/A

Engine Details:

  • Make: Volvo – Model: D13 – Power: 1000|horsepower
  • Make: Volvo – Model: D13 – Power: 1000|horsepower


Miami, FL, US

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What engine options are available for the Mag Bay 42 Express, and how do they impact performance?

For the Mag Bay 42 Express, buyers have two main engine options to consider. The standard power comes from dual 1,000 HP Volvo D13 or Cat engines. For those seeking more power, there’s an optional upgrade to 1,200 HP MAN engines. The choice of engine significantly influences the yacht’s performance, including top speed, cruising speed, and overall efficiency on the water. The more powerful MAN option, for example, not only enhances speed but can also improve the yacht’s handling and capability in tougher sea conditions.

How does the Seakeeper 6 gyro stabilizer enhance the comfort and safety of the Mag Bay 42 Express?

The Seakeeper 6 gyro stabilizer is a cutting-edge feature designed to significantly reduce boat roll, thus enhancing the onboard comfort and safety for passengers and crew. By maintaining a more stable and level platform, it minimizes seasickness and reduces the risk of accidents or injuries caused by unsteady conditions. This makes it ideal for those who enjoy extended cruising or fishing trips, as it ensures a smoother, more enjoyable experience on the water.

What makes the hull design of the Mag Bay 42 Express unique, and how does it improve performance?

The Mag Bay 42 Express features an enhanced hull design characterized by more deadrise, larger tunnels for bigger wheels, and a cleaner bottom. This design not only increases efficiency but also optimizes performance by enhancing the yacht’s speed, maneuverability, and fuel economy. The improved deadrise allows for better wave handling capabilities, while the larger tunnels and cleaner bottom reduce drag, enabling the yacht to achieve higher speeds with less power required.

Can you explain the importance of the 100% Vinylester resin with Gurit A500 cored sides and solid glass bottom in the construction of the Mag Bay 42 Express?

The use of 100% Vinylester resin coupled with Gurit A500 cored sides and a solid glass bottom is pivotal in constructing the Mag Bay 42 Express, as it ensures optimal strength, durability, and resistance to water intrusion. Vinylester resin provides superior moisture barrier properties, critical for protecting the hull from osmotic blistering. Meanwhile, the Gurit A500 core adds stiffness and reduces weight, improving efficiency and performance. The solid glass bottom guarantees robustness and resistance against impacts, enhancing the yacht’s longevity and maintaining its integrity in diverse conditions.

What advanced features does the Mag Bay 42 Express offer for anglers and leisure cruisers alike?

The Mag Bay 42 Express is equipped with an extensive array of advanced features catering to both anglers and leisure cruisers. For fishing enthusiasts, it offers oversized insulated in-deck fishboxes with independent macerator pumps, an oversized integrated transom livewell with a window, and non-intrusive fill/drain fittings. Leisure cruisers will appreciate the yacht’s electric bow thruster for improved maneuverability, the luxurious Release Marine “Carolina Classic” Helm Chairs, and the comprehensive safety features including an automatic fire suppression system. Additionally, the advanced electrical system and indirect color-changing cockpit lighting enhance convenience and atmosphere, ensuring a pleasant experience on the water for all aboard.

Provided Description:

From the original owner of Cabo Yachts this totally new 42 Express is the best available option  on the market today.  Standard 1,000 HP Volvo D13 or Cat, 13.5KW generator, Seakeeper 6, and electric bow thruster.  Optional 1,200 HP MAN.   More deadrise, larger tunnels to accommodate larger wheels and more power, a cleaner bottom, performance enhancements to the bottom design and better features than the old 40 Cabo.  BUILD SLOTS AVAILABLE CONTACT FOR MORE INFORMATION!

Construction 100% Vinylester resin construction. Gurit A500 cored hull sides with a solid glass bottom. Propeller Pockets to reduce draft. Angled transom below waterline to enhance maneuverability in reverse. Exhaust exits in corners of boat for enhanced performance,Oversized fiberglass encapsulated full length stringer system’s, vacuum bagged cored composite bulkheads. Molded 675 gallon fiberglass fuel tank with fiberglass baffles integrated into the hull. Modified rudder shelf design to optimize space in aft lazarette Integrated bilge pump shelfs allow smooth operation of all bilge pumps. Epoxy barrier coat on hull below the waterline. Integrated bow thruster tunnel with fairing built into the hull for unmatched strength. Dedicated transducer pocket integrated into the hull. Molded diamond nonskid throughout boat. 1 Stateroom 1 head arrangementDampening Mounts With Surge Tube In Engine Room Oil Change System Pump For Main Engines, Transmissions, And Generator With Pump Out Line Pex Plumbing For All Freshwater Hot And Cold-Water Lines Pressurized 24v Freshwater System With Deck Fill And Supply Inlet.Racor Fuel/Water Separators For Main Engines And GeneratorRudders, Stainless Steel, With Composite Rudder Bearing And Drip-less Seal Laminated Into Hull Seacocks, Bronze, Ball-type Sea Valves And Strainers For All Thru- Hulls Below The Water Line 2 Aquamet High-strength Stainless Steel Shafts, Double-taper With Machined Keyway And Thrust Plate At Main Engine Coupling Nibral Thru Water Struts Optimized For High Performances Zipwake Interceptor Trim Tabs With Internal GPS And Individual Controls At Helm Seakeeper Sk6 Gyro Stabilizer Mounted Centerline Between StringersOnan 13.5 Kw E-qd Electronic Quiet Diesel Generator With Housing12 Gallon Hot Water Heater For Freshwater SystemGenerator Supply And Gauges For Electrical Supply, Voltmeter And  Ampmeter Bonded Electrical System With Ground Plate All Tinned Copper Wiring With Marine Rated Insulated Jacket All Connectors Are Heat Shrunk And Thermally Labeled Dual Air Horn   Mechanical Oversized sea strainers in aft lazarette for washdown and bait pumps. Seastar EPS electric hydraulic steering system standard. Independent hydraulic steering rams positioned outboard for increased lazarette access. Oversized bilge pumps connected to switches for automatic and manual operation. Dockside and overboard pumpouts for holding tank. Fire supression system automatically or manually operated and tied into main engine and generator ignition systems with override. 24V Fuel priming pumps for main engines. Oversized sea strainers for main engines and generator. “Crash valve” off engine intakes for use as emergency bilge pumps. In-line mufflers on vibration and sound dampending mounts with surge tube in engine room. Oil change system pump for main engines, transmissions, and generator with pump out line. PEX plumbing for all freshwater hot and cold water lines. Pressurized 24v Freshwater system with deck fill and supply inlet. Racor fuel/water seperators for main engines and generator. Rudders, stainless steel, with composite rudder bearing and drip-less seal laminated into hull. Seacocks, bronze, ball-type sea valves and strainers for all thru- hulls below the water line. 2 Aquamet high-strength stainless steel shafts, double-taper with machined keyway and thrust plate at main engine couplings. Nibral thru water struts optimized for high performance. Zipwake interceptor trim tabs with internal GPS and individual controls at helm. Seakeeper SK6 gyro stabilizer mounted centerline between stringers. Onan 13.5 kW E-QD electronic quiet diesel generator with housing. 12 gallon hot water heater for freshwater system Electrical 24V DC througout 12v and 24 power supply with breakers for future electronics and systems Two independent 24V battery banks in fully accessible fiberglass box Battery charger with thermal cutoff and integrated switching system Battery distribution panel with cutoff and breakers mounted in engine room Battery parallel system for main engines and generator start Color coded, numbered and labeled wiring throughout  Full DC engine room LED lighting. Glendinning cable reel with 50′ cord and additional 220v inlet in cockpit Master electrical control panel located in salon with 24V/110V circuit breakers, individual switching for shore 1, shore 2, or generator supply and gauges for electrical supply, voltmeter, ampmeter, and frequency. 110V recepticled with GFI throughout. Cockpit Two oversized 73.5 gallon insulated in deck fishboxes with independant macerator pumps. Oversized integrated transom livewell with integrated window, livewell lights and non intrusive fill and drain fittings. 12″ stainless steel cleats in corners with custom 316 oversized hawse pipes. Oversized direct overboard cockpit drains with stainless steel covers. Diamond nonskid on cockpit floor and gunnels. Rounded molded gunnels for added asthetics and comfort. Generous sized transom opening door with folding gate and oversized stainless steel hinges and hardware. Indirect color changing strip lighting under gunnels Fresh and saltwater washdown spigots. Glendinning hose reels with 20′ hose for fresh and saltwater washdowns in cockpit. Oversized lazarette hatch with ample access to aft bilge and rudder shelf Full round rubber gasket on all lids and access doors. Laminated oversized garolite plate in cockpit for future fighting chair or pedestal. Flush mounted and screwless Gemlux rod holders (4) in coaming. 316 stainless gas pistons on all lids. Two thin mounted stereo speakers under gunnel Helm Deck Tournament lever controls mounted on fiberglass helm pod. Electronic trolling valves. Electric hydraulic fully adjustable steering. Fire system with automatic and manual discharge with control on console.  Engine manufacturer supplied gauges and electronics. Helm console mounted on electric actuator for full access to necessary systems.  Triple helm seat configuration with fully adjustable and rotating seats. Lighted flush mounted compass on console. L-shaped lounge seating with premium upholstery. Manual engine start/ stop switches in console box. 4x fast charge USB charging outlets located in console electronics box. Recessed stereo speakers. Molded fiberglass diamond nonskid deck. Mezzanine seating with insulated drink lockers. Oversized insulated freezer locker. Integrated gaff locker able to accommodate 8′ gaffs. Oversized fishing tackle station to starboard. Hydraulic powered actuating helm deck for easy access to engine room and components. Oversized access hatch in deck for engine room access. Recessed lockers for cup holders and additional storage. Premium “Glass dash” mounting system for electronics. Sound insulated helm deck floor for reduced engine noise. Release Marine “Carolina Classic” Helm Chairs. Molded fiberglass windshield frame with integrated track for future curtains. Safety glass windshield and side windows in hull. Premium speakers (4) and one recessed 10″ subwoofer with amplifier. Molded Fiberglass Windshield Frame With Integrated Track For Future Curtains. Safety Glass Windshield And Side Windows In Hull. Premium Speakers (4) And One Recessed 10″ Subwoofer With AmplifierKick And Behind Valences. Main Electrical Panel Mounted Centerline Aft, Ac/Dc And Backlit For Easy Access.  Microwave/ Convection Oven Located In Upper Galley Cabinet. Oversized Galley Sink With Stainless Steel Faucet.  Sliding Drawer Refrigerator And Freezer In Galley. Sliding Salon Door.  Deep Storage Under Salon Steps.  Dedicated Electronics Storage Complete With USB Plugs And Connectors For Tv.   Bulkhead Mounted 42″ Flat Screen Tv With Premium Sound.  Stowage Cabinets In Galley And To Port.  Flip Up Dinette Backrests Serve As Additional Berths.  Large Access Hatch To Midship Bilge.  Large Skylights In Main Salon. 6′ Hull Side Window To Port With Tinted Safety Glass Salon Galley Dual zone air conditioning with reverse cycle heat and control. Teak and holly floor.  Dinette “L-shaped” lounge with storage underneath.  Dinette table with high gloss wood finish.  Electric range surface mounted in galley.  High gloss corian counter top in galley.  Garbage disposal in sink.  Overhead LED lighting throughout.    Accent LED lighting under galley toe kick and behind valences.  Main electrial panel mounted centerline aft, AC/DC and backlit for easy access.  Microwave/ convection oven located in upper galley cabinet. Sliding drawer refrigerator and freezer in galley.  Oversized fiberglass galley sink with stainless steel faucet.  Sliding salon door.  Deep storage under salon steps.  Recessed sliding trash can to port.  Dedicated electronics storage complete with USB plugs and connectors for TV.   Bulkhead mounted 42″ flat screen TV with surround sound.  Stowage cabinets in galley and to port.  Flip up dinette backrests serve as additional berths.  Large access hatch to midship bilge.  Large skylights in main salon.  6′ hull side window to port with tinted safety glass. Master Stateroom Air conditioning with reverse cycle heat and controller. Island double bed with mattress and lift up base with generous storage underneath. Drawer storage under bed with three drawers and one cabinet. Steps on each side of island bed. Access hatch for bow thruster. Two large cedar lined closets outboard. Overhead LED lighting. Rod storage lockers on upper outboard sides of stateroom able to accommodate 7.5′ rods. Teak shelf. 30″ flat screen tv mounted on wall. 110V recepticle with GFCI. Foredeck hatch with screen. Head Air conditioning vent Electric head with overboard and holding tank discharge Fiberglass nonskid flooring Lower vanity with storage Corian countertop with fiberglass sink and stainless faucet 110V recepticle with GFCI LED Shower Lighting Fiberglass shower stall with handheald nozzle and mount Tinted safety glass hullside window Towel ring Miscellaneous Anchor locker with access from foredeck Oversized windlass with custom anchor roller assembly and Ultra anchor Anchor rode, 300′ rope and 50′ chain LP bilges and access areas for easy cleanup 316 Stainless Steel grab rails throughout Fire Extinguishers (5) Foredeck hatch with screen Painted rub rail Stainless steel hardware throughout boat Stainless steel bow, spring and stern cleats Mooring lines Safety and comissioning kit

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