The Contender 32 ST: The Definitive Choice in Center Consoles

Engineering Crafted for the Sea The Contender 32 ST represents not just a breakthrough in center console design but a manifesto of relentless innovation and understanding of the seafarer’s desires. This vessel commands the elements with aplomb, whether you’re setting out to conquer the thrills of kite fishing in Miami or simply cruising the crystalline […]

Elevating Boating Standards: The Contender 32 ST

Precision Engineering for Anglers: The 32 ST Experience Looking for the ultimate sportfishing experience? Meet the Contender 32 ST. This isn’t just any boat; it’s a blend of precision engineering and customization that makes it perfect for anglers who take their fishing seriously. Standing at a robust 32 feet and 7 inches with a broad […]

The Contender Boats 32 ST: Beyond Ordinary Center Consoles

A Fishing Machine Built for Real Anglers The Contender Boats 32 ST is not just a fishing vessel; it’s a testament to Fly Yachts’ understanding of anglers’ true needs. Designed from the keel up for the rigors of kitefishing in Miami, the 32 ST rises above expectations with its performance and innovative features. Painstakingly honed […]

The Ultimate Boating Machine: The Contender Boats 32 ST

Engineered for Top Performance For fishing enthusiasts who demand nothing less than the best, the Contender Boats 32 ST stands out with its superior design and performance. Born from the exacting world of kitefishing in Miami, this model is the embodiment of “Performance Through Innovation,” a tagline that perfectly captures its essence. Custom boat building […]

The Contender 32 ST: Setting New Standards in Center Console Boating

A Fishing Machine Built for Versatility and Durability The Contender 32 ST is more than a boat – it stands as a testament to innovation in fishing and boating. It’s been tailored for those who are serious about kite fishing in Miami, providing an advantageous platform for the sport. Built for robust performance and exceptional […]

Why Everyone is Talking About the Contender Boats 32 ST

Top-Notch Performance and Smooth Handling The Contender Boats 32 ST is catching everyone’s attention for its exceptional performance on the water. Measuring a full 32 feet and 7 inches in length and boasting a beam of 9 feet and 8 inches, this sport-fishing vessel strikes an imposing figure. Its advanced twin-stepped hull design and a […]

The Contender Boats 32 ST: Leading the Pack in Center Console Craftsmanship

Engineered for Anglers and Adventurers Alike Anyone who loves the open sea knows that a good boat makes all the difference. The Contender Boats 32 ST is more than good—it’s a superb choice for those who seek thrills and excitement while fishing or simply exploring the waters. It represents the pinnacle of nautical engineering with […]

Revolutionizing Center Console Boating: The Contender 32 ST

Meet the Contender 32 ST: Built for the Open Waters The Contender 32 ST emerges as a groundbreaking contender in the world of center console boats, championing a design that’s both angler-friendly and performance-oriented. This vessel is the offspring of Miami’s deep-rooted fishing culture, where superior boat performance is not a luxury but a standard. […]

The Contender 32 ST: The Ultimate Center Console Experience

Meet the Contender 32 ST: A Top Performer for Fishers and Fun Seekers Navigating the waters with a fishing boat like the Contender 32 ST means expecting top-notch performance whether you’re aiming for a big catch or a casual outing. With its substantial 32’7″ length and 9’8″ beam, this vessel commands presence and promises ample […]

The Best Center Console on the Seas: The Contender 32 ST

Discover the Contender 32 ST: A Top Pick for Sea Lovers The Contender 32 ST is more than just a boat; it’s a testament to seamless design and powerful performance. Crafted in the spirit of Miami’s competitive kitefishing scene, this vessel stands as a beacon of innovation on the seas. With its 32’7″ length overall […]